Saturday, 14 February 2015

Out visiting Friday 13th and Saturday 14th February!

Hello! Happy Valentine's Day to anyone who celebrates this as a special day.

It might seem like I've not been blogging for days, but I have, as well as being very busy doing necessary domestic things, boring things like stripping out a shower...

...the old tile grout, that is, in the hope that my new grout, redone yesteday Friday 13th, will put paid to the tiny leak that has been plaguing the area for months.

Today, even though it's Valentine's Day I'm not done yet with the DIY. I need to replace the waterproof sealant and...quite frankly, I need everyone's good wishes for that. It's a yukky job, but since I'm not yet ready to shell out thousands of pounds for a brand new bathroom, it's up to me to do the DIY!  (My royalties might buy a bar of soap)


Friday the 13th February I was out talking about 'Using images in my blog posts etc' at Vanessa Couchman's blog. It's not too late to catch that post, just click this link HERE and say hello.  

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Today, Saturday 14th February,  it's my every-second-Saturday-post at Writing Wranglers and Warriors Blog. The post is called...

Oh, Oh...wrong direction?

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Here's a little of it reposted... to give you an idea...

Oh, oh…wrong direction?
Last night I saw something confusing and more than a bit cautionary. Around 7.30 p.m. I stepped out of the back door to put plastic trays into our outside recycling bin and was met with a horrendous hullabaloo.

Wild geese flying overhead. Lots of them. Flying south. On February 13th?  Was this a sign of bad luck?

Nope! I wasn’t buying that one. Friday 13th February 1981 was a very lucky one for me because my second daughter was born and she’s been a delight to see grow into a wonderful adult. (I’m doubly lucky because my elder daughter is like that, too and I’m not in the least biased *insert smiley face* ) So, Friday 13th isn’t in the least unlucky for me.

But in February, why were the gees were flying south and not north? A wee farmer’s weather rhyme of north –east Scotland popped into my head but for some reason it didn’t make me feel any better about the geese.

Wild geese, wild geese gangin tae the sea (this would be them flying east)
Good weather it will be.
Wild geese, wild geese gangin tae the hill, (to the west)
The weather it will spill.

In my part of north-east Scotland, we’ve had very little snow this winter season, only a dusting lasting for a few days before melting away. We’ve had frosty nights but again nothing that we’d call really cold. Signs of spring have appeared in my garden – snowdrops and aconites already in bloom, the tips of daffodils and tulips now some 2 inches high. Do those geese last night know something that I don’t? 

***there's more in poems; and songs on Youtube videos. See you there, just click the links! 


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