Monday, 2 February 2015

Bleedin' what?

Happy Monday?
I tend to greet the new week with a 'Happy Monday' salutation but this morning was a real honey. Awake before 7 a.m. I lay thinking that I had quite a sore throat, even sorer than it had been yesterday morning. Not good. Another wee lie-in? I turned over but try as I did I felt too choked. Not sad, but full of the goo that comes with a lingering cold. No sooner was I on my feet than I had to blow like a trumpet. Really bad move. I’m not generally inclined to the nose bleed thing but I didn’t escape it this morning.

Do you know how awkward it is to do the pinching nose deal with the tissue below and simultaneously drink a glass of OJ?

Bleedin’ what!

A bit of adaptation to my morning routine was necessary and much as I rarely watch the early news programmes, I did this morning. Thankfully, the drying up process was well underway by the time the two grandkids jumped on me with their happy morning greetings and slobbers. (The very same little 'uns who lovingly pass on their germs to me)

Adaptation was the name of the game for the rest of the day.

My plan had been to do some research on Vindolanda, as in near Hadrian's Wall. I know that Hadrian's Wall wasn't built till around AD 122 but i wanted to find out what was happening in that area in AD 90 - if we have records that anything was happening - but the internet wasn’t playing ball today either. The delivery of the new router for our internet connection didn’t happen  - so ‘early in the week’ clearly didn’t mean Monday.

Instead, I pulled up the First Edits for the Crooked Cat version of my contemporary mystery romance Take Me Now. Brilliant! There were hardly any to do across the almost 70 thousand word count. I'm so anal, though, that I can't just go to the pages with the 'track changes'. I had to re-read the whole thing again...just in case some other thing was missed. And, surprise surprise! I did find quite a few things that had been missed.

Never undervalue the skill of being thorough during editing! 
It’s 10 p.m. now and I'm totally delighted to declare that the edits are ready to wing off to my editor. I’m just hoping this connection will last long enough for that to happen. Updates should follow fairly soon about the re-launch of this novel – the republishing hopefully sometime late spring.

I think reading a bit more of Hilary Mantell's Wolf Hall is in order before I hit the sack.


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