Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Christmas newsletter.

Wednesday 17th December...Really?

I had a great 'Prezzie drop' visit to my sister & sister-in-law Monday into Tuesday, the gifts being for my great nieces and great nephews.

The advantage of driving over 300 miles, rather than posting the gifts, is that I got to see some of the kids who were getting the presents. Not seeing them all that often over the course of a year means they grow so much in between. As they grow older, the catch up conversations are brilliant. Because of the timing of the trip, I was able to spend a little time with one of my great-nieces who has just turned eight. She's such a lovely kid and it's great for me since I don't often come into contact with anyone of that age these days.

I'm delighted to say that the great nieces and nephews that I didn't see in person, I saw in updated photos since my sister is so very good at displaying all of her grandchildren around her walls. They are all fantastic kids! XXX  :-)

Today, I'll do a little bit of grandchildminding and a lot of catching up of last minute card writing- the last day for posting before Christmas now having arrived.

Has my husband done the 'Jardine' Christmas newsletter that we have ususally done each year for a couple of decades? ER...m . NO. Have I? Er...m . NO.

There's a priority!

What goes into our newsletter? Any major changes that happens to our work lives is usually covered. That won't be a problem since that's almost unchanged. Any holidays we've spent? Yes - I can relate them. Any major birthdays, or weddings or funerals? Yes, we've had some of all of those. New grandchildren born? Yes- we do have a new addition.

Mundane information to some, but for those contacts we no longer meet up with, it's nice to have a reciprocal update from them.

Do you write a newsletter to add to your greetings cards?

Of course, I also need to make sure that there are updates to my author newsletter as well, since I have some news for 2015 to tell my readers... AND...
when my cards are done and posted, I've got some more great editing suggestions for last minute tidy ups to 'The Taexali Game'. Nothing major, but needing to be done since the edits are 'Fresh' back from Jeff, my editor.

Have a lovely Wednesday.


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