Saturday, 27 December 2014

Play it cool

December 27th

It's another morning of hard frost. I'm not quick enough to catch the magpie that's flitting about outside on the frozen grass and perching in the evergreen holly and I'm afraid I don't fancy waiting outside for ages in sub-zero temperatures to get a great photo.

The days have flown past since my last blog post. In effect, it's been more like long nights into late mornign rises, and bits seem to have been sandwiched together.

Santa Claus didn't forget to visit our household. He left a huge red Santa sack and a huge blue Santa sack. Neither of those had my name on them, but my grandkids had a fabulous time ripping off the paper to see what was underneath. I'm heartened to find that Santa's great at remembering to leave lots of lovely entertaining toys and games but he's also been very thoughtful at leaving very useful clothing for two little kiddies!

After a hearty brunch on Christmas Day, with some in-laws already in situ and all of the immediate family gathered, our 'under the tree presents' took a bit of time to unwrap. I've got some magical gifts to savour and some to play with. 

The gift vouchers that my hubbie and I received for dining out at fine restaurants around Aberdeen will be much appreciated. I'm looking forward to eating at the establishment of famous chef - Nick Nairn - and our visit to eat at Castle Fraser will be a fantastic event , too. 
Castle Fraser

I'm already appreciating my lovely new owl cushion behind me as I type and there may be more later about my semi- robotic vacuum cleaner. That's on a charage just now. I'm not intending to clean the house today in any big way but lots of people eating sometimes means lots of crumbs under the highchair. Since my daughter's lovely dogs have gone home their 'hoovering' capabilities have to be replaced by technology.

We're still in holiday mode in this house but I need to get back to doing a little of my editing and new writing tasks - today - sometime today.

Happy whatevers -  for what your're doing today.


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