Monday, 8 December 2014

Monday manic moments?

Monday Moments are here again!

Have I made any progress since last week? It doesn't look as though my 10 steps of last week have been implemented... but let's see...

Life isn't just one big edit. Though sometimes it seems like that. I'm expecting some feedback later this week from my editor, Jeff Gardiner, regarding 'The Taexali Game'- my YA time- travel. I'm awaiting this with trepidation. I like what I sent him but maybe there will be things he'll point out that need even more attention. Meanwhile I need to move on to discussing a cover design with a cover artist.

The other editing news is that I've been assigned a new editor with Crooked Cat Publishing. Kelly and I will be working on my latest versions of Monogamy Twist and Take Me Now which are expected to be republished in the spring of 2015. More news about that sometime next year.

I actually like editing my work - I've said that before and no doubt will again, but in between what do I need to do? Other than my Christmas gift shopping that's behind already?

Much as I might try to be semi-organised, my computer files tend to get a bit crazy. My present laptop is now around 4 years old and is full of 'stuff' that needs to go on to my external hard drive for storage. So, that's a plan for this week! A big one.
As well as those tidy ups I want to get ready to launch myself into my next 'new writing'. Except for me that isn't quite correct, either. I've already started on Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series and aim to add a bit more to it before the end of December. I've also got my Family Saga languishing in a file and aim to have the bulk of Book 1 done by the end of March. There, I've said it! That's a target I'm making already.

I've an idea for Book 2 of my time travel series but I'll need to do a fair bit of research on that first. I love that bit! *smiley face here*

I only have two more bookings at Christmans Craft Fairs to sell my print books and after that my priorities will be to put the emphasis on internet sales which don't seem to happen very much at all. At the end of December, I'll be able to 'tot' up how many print books I've physically sold over the counter during the second half of 2014 (Late August to Dec ) and get a monthly average for that.

I've a nice wee short story for 'Christmas With the Crooked Cats' to get on with today, as well as an official baby minding stint for my grandson.

I'm off now to get busy. How about you? 

p.s. Nearly forgot. I've still got some book reviews that I want to write for books that I've read this 2014, and haven't yet reviewed. also a priority this week.

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