Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Talk the 'talk'

Hello to Tuesday,

Today I'm spending some time writing an author talk since I'm going off tomorrow evening to visit a SWRI not far from my home. What am I talking about?

"The Aims of the SWRI

Scottish Women's Rural Institutes are groups of women who meet together in centres throughout Scotland.
The aims of the organisation are:
  1. to advance the education and training of those who live and work in the country or are interested in:
    • country life
    • home skills
    • family welfare
    • citizenship
  2. promote the preservation and development of Scotland's traditions, rural heritage and culture. "

I'm nervous in a kind of excited way since the author talks I've done to date have only been to a handful of people an therefore very personal. When I asked what would they like I've been told 'anything I like'. That leaves it wide open.

It just so happens that there's a local angle that I'll be employing since I used to teach for a while in the area where the talk is being held.

A forty-five minute talk is quite a long time, so I guess it'll be a case of ...'I'll start at the very beginning..'

See you later- after I write the speech and prepeare some new materials, since it just so happpens that tomorrow is also the start of the FINAL VOTING for the People Book Prize 2014. Watch out because I'll be posting that link tomorrow since I need as many people as possible toVOTE my TOPAZ EYES in as the winner.


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