Friday, 2 May 2014

May plans

Beltane is now past and the sun actually is shining right now as I look out my window. If that's a signal that summer is coming, I'm all for it happening in good style. It's time to get really serious about my garden and just as serious about some of my writing projects. I have very messy places on the terrace where there should be a tidy polished displays. New summer flowering bulbs have been planted recently but haven't yet made it to their final destinations. Other pots need to be planted up and spent spring bulbs put properly into storage for autumn planting. Decisions must be my forte. Effort needs to be expended to bear fruitful results.

Just yesterday, May 1st, saw me making some strategic decisions about my writing and I will now have to do some serious nurturing to bring new plans to fruition. Sometimes things seem absolutely fantastic and happen at 'the right time in life' but then for various reasons they don't work out so well later. It's been like that with my published romances with The Wild Rose Press -Monogamy Twist and Take Me Now. I am totally indebted to WRP for getting me into published writing and for teaching me so many useful aspects of using social media sites. But, as we all know, theory is not always the same as practical applications and marketing those titles has not been successful. They've been with The Wild Rose Press for more than 2 years but since sales have been extremely low I decided to terminate my contract with WRP. When something doesn't work well, it's time to make changes.

I had a huge evening of regret, yesterday, but what I did was the right decision for me. The coming weeks will see me revising those titles and then I intend to get them published in an altered version. A new growth period is about to begin for those romantic mysteries, which I have a keen fondness for.

This time last year I was avidly looking to see if my newly planted patio fruit trees would bear any blossoms or fruit. My new apples did and some shining red fruits were the result. My new plum, pear, and cherry trees did very little and in fact I thought my cherry tree was not going to survive.

It pays to give a little nurturing and pays to be patient since all of the trees have flowered really well in April and my cherry looks promising. I'm going to be really pleased to see it fruiting and look forward to tasting the results.

Similarly, I'll be nurturing my previous WRP titles- Monogamy Twist and Take Me Now - and will spit and polish them to a new shine.

Watch out for new covers and new versions emerging in a little while!   


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