Monday, 5 May 2014

Emerald Monday Moments

Happy Monday to you.

Whilst out gardening yesterday, I drifted back to thinking about emeralds - though my grass will never be that colour of green. Emerald green. What exactly is emerald green? And what is the colour of emeralds?

Will I ever see any of my plantings as a really true emerald colour? I doubt it. When I looked at something like my daffodil stems they were a much more blue-ish hue than green-ish, a sort of sage colour with more definition. I don't have anything growing which is such a strong colour as the image here which was photographed from a paint chart and named emerald. 

I remembered that I found it quite challenging to write about jewellery descriptions in Topaz Eyes, my dynasty based mystery/ thriller. Writing about colour hues is very tricky.

The fabulous image below is from my favourite Royalty Free image site and I've used it a number of times for my blogs and my book trailer video. I love the reflections and the fine nuances of hues on the different facets of this one.
However, some emeralds are referred to as aqua- green meaning those with that bluish tone. This diamond studded emerald ring is closer to the shade of my daffodil stems.

Wikimedia Commons
I’m going to be hunting for more of that hue since it can really enhance other plantings nearby. Emeralds are spectacular gems and there are some lovely YouTube videos which show their individuality.

The largest emerald – on exhibition

Calgarians selling world’s largest cut emerald

As with other items of note there will be many contenders for the same title- ie for the world’s finest emerald, or for the world’s largest, or best cut, or most expensive… they are all beautiful.

There’s no sun shining today, rain has fallen overnight, but I’m declaring my day an emerald one. 

Are there any other emerald lovers out there who can tell me about their favourite? 

NB: If you’re a ‘gaming’ person you will likely be aware that emeralds are used as currency in games like ‘Minecraft' so those people might quite love a LOT of tiny little emeralds.  


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