Saturday, 22 February 2014

Get on with it!

Hello everyone.

It's a wonderful bright morning and it's one of those 'GET ON WITH IT ' times.

The swing and slide set is back upright, restored and almost ready for use. It can be played on but the top canopy above the platform will await better non-windy days. Since it acts like an umberella that takes flight when wind gusts get underneath it, the crowning glory will have to wait awhile.

However, the garden is really stirring and crying out for attention. So many tiny time-consuming jobs await, all  vying for attention and it will soon be time for me to share around my short working hours with outside demands too.

The little'un is now outside on that swing, happy in the sunshine!

We'll soon be going around and reminding each other of what might be poking through the ground. She'll be telling me that my tulips are coming through in the tubs and she'll be correct. The snowdrops have been out for weeks now but are still bright and cheery.

The pruning jobs need to begin on fruit trees, roses and many other plants. Just like I've been doing in my writing.

My latest novel- AFTER WHORL: DONNING DOUBLE CLOAKS is waiting in the wings now and ready to be revealed to everyone. The final proofs have been done this week, the novel has it's fantastic cover and as I featured yesterday, I have published my book Trailer Video for the novel.

The launch date of the 25th March is looming but I've stll got many jobs to do. I'm booked to visit a few blogs but it would be good to be featured on a few more.

My tasks for the day then are in no particular order for the morning: request some more guest blog spaces; tidy up my images files for Roman and Celtic research (now in folders for 4 different books and it's time consuming finding them). For this afternoon,  I need to do a tiny bit of preparation for the 'Book Reading/ Book Signing I've arranged locally.

For that I will be focusing on TOPAZ EYES since the date for the last VOTING for it at THE PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE is the 28th February.I'll be doing a first reading from TOPAZ EYES and then, if requested something from my historical novels. If you haven't yet VOTED for Crooked Cat Publishing and TOPAZ EYES I'd be delighted for you to place your vote using this link. Thank you!

Apart from that my day will hopefully include some new writing- like those tulips poking their leaves up my newest WIP needs a lot of nurturing. I also plan to get a bit more reading done to whittle down the fabulous 'To Be Read ' pile I have awaiting me on my kindle. I'm currently reading 'Warhorn' by J. Glen Bauer. This historical novel set in Iberia is of a time period I know extremely little about so I'm very keen to learn as I read!

Wishing you all a great day...


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