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Exclusive interview with Ineda of Marske!

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My Familiarise Friday spot shows how some 'ready made' interviews can be a little problematic. We all know language changes over time, and that's so true for certain words and phrases. For today's interview I used a set of general questions which I've sent a number of times to authors whose books I haven't read, and had no knowledge of their charactersI then gave the authors the opportunity to 'tweak' the questions to suit their genre and even the time period the character is living in. I've used the questions as originally set and the results are very interesting!

This interview is with Ineda of Marske who appears in both Book 2 AFTER WHORL: BRAN REBORN and Book 3 AFTER WHORL: DONNING DOUBLE CLOAKS ( coming in spring 2014) of my Celtic Fervour Series of historical romantic adventures. She's answering the questions from the point of view of someone living in approximately AD 73.

Some of the readers of AFTER WHORL: BRAN REBORN will recognise why she answers in such a way, but some of her responses are totally exclusive and relevant to Book 3! A tiny preview for you today!

Some questions work well, but others....

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Name of interviewee: Ineda of Marske
Book Title: After Whorl: Bran Reborn, and After Whorl: Donning Double Cloaks

Hello, Ineda, and welcome to Familiarise Friday. Can you describe yourself to the readers using only 6 words.

Well, that is quite difficult. People would call me - headstrong, loyal, quick-thinking, brave, full-of-ideas, lively

Can you describe where you are currently living?
At this moment in time, I am still the bed slave and servant of Tribune Gaius Livanus Valerius. Since he is currently stationed at the Roman Fortress of Deva I am also at this place as I have been unable to escape from the guard which plagues my every moment.

Have you been there all of your life?
No. We were at Viroconium Cornoviorum before coming to Deva. I know that is such a mouthful - I usually named it Viro Corno but Gaius did not like that. Before he took me as his personal slave, I lived at the settlement of Witton with my father and Bran, a warrior who was from the hillfort of Garrigill. However, furhter back in time I was raised at the tiny village of Marske, but the Romans razed that to the ground and it is no more.

What’s your main occupation (job) just now?
I ensure that Tribune Gaius Livanus Valerius has everything he needs and watch over the son he has fathered on me.

Does that occupation make you happy?
It saddens me that I am grown used to my captive state, but I am never ever happy about it. If I could, I would escape.

As a teenager did you think you’d end up with this particular occupation? If not, how did you view your future?
I do not understand this word teenager. Can you please explain?

It means when you are in the stages of growing from childhood to adulthood.
Ah! I understand now. Brigantia was more settled when I was young and at the hearthside but when our Queen Cartimandua was no longer in favour of the Roman Empire life got more difficult when the Roman Empire sent more soldiers to police our Brignate territories. I had no idea, or desire, to become the slave of a Roman tribune. My aim was always, adn still is, to drive the Roman pestilence from our Celtic lands. 

What’s your favourite reading material?
Reading? I have no favourite. I have never been properly taught the work of the Roman scribes though I have asked Gaius many questions - enough that I can understand some of the meanings of the squiggles on the wax. We Celts do not write on parchment or on wax as the Romans do. Tribune Gaius Livanus Valerius reads the documents all day long and often is angered by the scrolls his secutore gives him.

If your life was in a bit of a rut, what would you do first to change it?
By rut, do you mean as in a cart bogged down in a mud-filled tyre track?

Yes. Something like that.
If I could, I would escape from the clutches of Rome…and someday I vow I will, though I know not how to evade more than four thousand soldiers.

Who, or what, is the love of your life?
It is not the father of my child, Gaius Livanus Valerius though I love very well the child he has sired on me. There was a man in my past who was named Bran of Witton, formerly of the hillfort of Garrigill but he is long gone to the otherworld. He is the only keeper of my heart. 

What is your favourite way to travel?
Travel? Why I would ride a in a cart when I can. I ride a horse well enough, too, though rarely have the opportunity to even walk for long distances. I am kept in the confines of the fortress and there is only so much walking I can do within the intervallum

The intervallum?
You are unsure of this term, Nancy Jardine?  Ah, it is the empty space the Romans do not build on behind the fortress walls, the part which can be within firing range of Celtic spears or missiles thrown over the walls.
The Lunt, reconstructed Roman Fortress- Wikimedia Commons  


What is your biggest goal in the coming months? 
Goal? Does this mean intention? And do you also mean moons?

Well then, it is simple. I strive to escape.  And when I cannot do that, I keep my child safe and send out information about the Roman enemy that is useful to my fellow Celts who live in lands subdued by the Roman Empire. 

Quick answer section. Which do you like best?

Meat or fruit? We do not have meat every day, but I do like how it fills my belly better than fruit.
City or countryside? Is a city like a fortress? Aye, then I would much rather be in the countryside.
Talking or walking? I like talking but only because it gains me much useful information about the Roman scum that I can pass on to my fellow Celts.I'm am permitted only to walk around the inside of the fortress so a long walk in the countryside is a long ago part of my past. Oh, my apologies. That was meant to be a quick response and I did not give it like that.
Travel or stay at home? I will never be at home here in Deva…and I would much rather travel back to my father and my Celtic bretheren. 

Thank you, Ineda of Marske, for your wonderful answers. My faithful readers will need to read Book 3 of the series to find out how you fare, with regard to escape from Roman clutches. They will not have to wait too long, though, since a publication date is due in the spring of 2014. 

Have a great weekend everyone. 


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