Friday, 21 February 2014

Fresh from my home made film studio - usually referred to as my dining room office!

Revealing my latest Book Trailer Video. Phew!

This fabulous front cover for my Celtic Fervour Series, Book 3, was unveiled days ago, but was my book trailer video finished?

Ahem... no! 

Weeks ago, I had chosen a few different pieces of royalty free music and had narrowed the choice down to one by Kevin MacLeod of Incompetec called 'Mighty and Meek' (Thank you once again, Kevin).  Of course, I needed some images to go with the music and had found a few I deemed as possibles. Then the trailer planning was laid aside. 

Picking it up again this week I had moments of doubt over the music. I set to and made a version with 'Mighty and Meek' but wasn't too enamoured with it. Back to the drawing board. I tried the other pieces of music, but in the end wasn't too struck with them either. 

I went back to using 'Mighty and Meek'; pared down the amount of images I was trying to cram in; changed a few of the transitions and I have come up with this version which I'm now delighted with.

I hope you like it too! 

ps  - I'm not sure if anyone manages to get their book title as the 'front screen' on YouTube vidoes but I've now done 6 videos and just can't manage that. But the image above is a lovely one so I'm happy for that to be the front screen.



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