Monday, 21 May 2012


Days have cycles, weeks have cycles, years have cycles. Yeah? I hear you what's new?

That's the crux! There's that lovely thing called time running away from me again. Got to do more revisions, got to change more sentences, got to pace up, even pace down, got to do blogging...and being a social butterfly.

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That's the daily challenge for me-and probably for other writers that I know.  Most days I love getting on that bike and doing a few miles, kilometers...metres even- but at others it's the biggest chore. What I might want to do is write afresh, write brand new, but for that to happen I need to clear off the stuff I've started first.

Same goes for my characters in MONOGAMY TWIST. Once a thing is STARTED it needs to be FINISHED.

Here's a less than happy little snippet about how events are progressing...OR NOT...

He ripped off his jacket and threw it across the room. Her ears rang like a clarion but she refused to acknowledge it as he ranted. “You’ve signed that bloody contract and Greywood needs you now! What you’ve started you have to finish!”
Bloody Hell! The way she was feeling she’d leave him high and dry…but Greywood?
She lifted her head. Luke’s natural olive skin tone was leached to a greyish white. Too bad! He deserved to feel as sick as she’d been feeling all day!
Her words were a whisper. “Who is Danielle?”
“Nobody important,” Luke answered into the dark, sinister cloud that enveloped them. His rage was under wraps for now, subdued by her example. At her unimpressed glare he added, “She’s a woman I was dating before I met you.”
Rhia exhaled, her chest heaving with the effort of replying, her eyes puffy from an earlier bout of crying. “Before you met me or…” her voice trembled on the last word “…while?”
“Last weekend in London?” Her eyes were the sharpest darts, very pained darts, but she didn’t care now if Luke noticed or not. “Did you meet up with her then?” Her chin wobbled on the last, so difficult had it been to get the words out, but there was no way she was going to be palmed off with lies or platitudes.

“Sod it! I’m not going to lie to you!”
Luke wrenched off his tie to the beat of some impressive Italian swearing. Plonking himself on the edge of the bed beside her he took a cautious breath before replying.
“Yes, I saw her in London last weekend.”
Rhia couldn’t stifle the sniff as she slid away from him.

 Now for the big question, is the accompanying image appropriate, I wonder? What does Rhia need to finish since she's started? To find out read:

MONOGAMY TWIST by Nancy Jardine

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