Thursday, 9 February 2012

Nearly Valentines!!

The Romance of it all. Isn't that how it's suppsed to be? Well, life gets in the way sometimes and it's not all chocolate and roses.

What was it like around Valentines Day for Rhia? Was her hero, Luke, coming up to scratch and making her feel warm and fuzzy...and loved?

Here's a liitle snippet from MONOGAMY TWIST that shows just how different Valentines day can be.

More than seven months into their co-habitation things began to unravel. Much as he didn’t want to Luke had to spend a night in London without Rhia. She’d picked up a disgusting cold followed by a persistent chest infection and wasn’t well enough to travel.

On his return the following evening he swept her into his arms and kissed her cheek soundly-because she turned her cracked lips away just in time. He was distressed to find she was still under the weather, her cough rattling like mad, but he had the very thing tucked away in his pocket. After a theatrical flourish, he presented her with a beautiful white gold amethyst pendant with matching bracelet and earrings.

“To cheer you up.”

“I don’t need jewelry, Luke!” Rhia croaked, handing the set back to him.

It was grossly unfair of her to take her mood out on him, but he could see how miserable she was feeling. Any amusement vanished though when her next retort blasted out.

“Take them all back and get a refund!”

An attempt to soften her nasty comment failed, even though she told him she was touched he’d thought about her and had taken time out of his work-filled schedule to buy the gift. She was shrewish over the incredible expense, and even cast doubt on his purpose. “It makes me feel like your mistress-waiting at home for your return—someone who has to be thrown a bone to keep her happy, Luke. I don’t want them!”

In her present mood he couldn’t persuade her otherwise, her vehement reaction to the gift creating tension between them.

“I wanted to cheer you up, Rhia,” Luke protested. “My first proper gift and you throw it back in my face. I wish I’d never bothered.”

Hope you enjoy reading their Valentines with a difference.

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