Sunday, 19 February 2012

Four and a half shells!!

Way hey! It's never too late to say thank you, I hope! I'm grinning from ear to ear. :-)))
I just found a review done on MONOGAMY TWIST way back on October 10th 2011 by Siren Book Reviews. A belated thanks to you Siren!
Here's what they had to say...and I love it...

Siren Book Reviews: Nancy Jardine, Monogamy Twist

Oct 10, 2011

Nancy Jardine, Monogamy Twist. Title: Monogamy Twist. Author: Nancy Jardine. Rating: Four And A Half Siren Stones.

Who in their right mind would leave such a property to Luke? And with the conditions! But he hesitated to turn it down, for if he did, the house and land would soon fall to shambles.

Then there's Rhia. Their first encounter was anything but pleasant, considering she thought he was a burglar. But this little spitfire catches his attention, and Luke asks for her help.

Monogamy Twist is a light-hearted contemporary with a mystery element that will soothe the reader's soul. This isn't a graphic or violent novel. Instead, this is in the classic type of romance, and it aims to please. Nancy Jardine delivers a wonderful book that will have you turning the pages in awe to find out more. It's beautifully written with great plot, characters, and just the right amount of descriptions that leaves the readers with plenty to imagine.

If you enjoy a contemporary mystery romance, don't miss this book!

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