Wednesday 3 July 2024

Under a Lightning Sky by Pam Lecky

 Good Morning!

My author friend Pam Lecky has a new release to share here today! If you love murder mysteries and WW2 novels then you'll really enjoy reading Pam's newest novel which will hit the shelves on July 4th!

Here are some details and the all-important link to buy this exciting novel. 



A WW2 Murder Mystery

London is under attack. But within the rubble, a greater danger lurks…

The Luftwaffe has been bombing London continuously since September 1940.

During a bombing raid, Madeline Fairfax is caught in her kitchen whilst cooking for her husband and children. She becomes trapped in the rear of her home, but regains consciousness just in time to see a familiar face, offering hope of rescue. But instead, Madeline is tragically strangled to death.

As a dangerous murderer uses the Blitz to cover their crime, local detective Jamie Barton enlists the help of Madeline’s sister and volunteer firefighter, Penny Fairfax to help. Now, caught in a web of uncertainty and mistrust, a grieving Penny must find the truth and do whatever it takes to protect those she loves most.

Together, will they unravel this case before it's too late…?

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Publication Date: July 4th 2024

Publisher: Avon Books UK

My congratulations to Pam and best wishes for a great launch! 

Enjoy your reading...

SlĂ inte!

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