Monday, 13 June 2022

Eboracum beckons!

Monday Matters!

I'm delighted to announce today that my plans are gearing up for the Eboracum Roman Festival, June 25/26th 2022.  

I'm very much looking forward to being there this year with other fantastic authors who write in the Roman Era. I was first booked for the Eboracum Roman Festival in 2020 but, very disappointingly, it was cancelled due to Coronavirus restrictions. 

This year of 2022, approximately 9 authors will be holding book signings, book sales and probably impromptu history lessons in part of the Yorkshire Museum. We will be ensconced in the Tempest Anderson Hall near the reenactment marquees, which sounds like an ideal location.

We hope the author enclave will be very busy during the two days of the festival. If you happen to be in York that weekend, then please do visit our area and have a natter, browse what's on offer, and get your Roman era reading all sorted for months ahead. 

The one drawback to my plans for York is that a nation-wide train strike is planned for three days straddling the Eboracum Roman Festival dates. I have train tickets (booked in early May) but it looks more and more like I will - instead - be driving down to York from Aberdeenshire. Most of the other authors will also need to change travel plans to attend the festival, as will many of the tourists who are planning to be in York that weekend. 

More details of my fellow Eboracum Festival authors to follow this week. 

Happy Reading.

SlĂ inte! 

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