Saturday 28 November 2020

Ocelot Press #SALE!

Black Friday has already been and gone for 2020!

However, at Ocelot Press we decided to keep our reductions in place till... you've probably guessed it...Cyber Monday!

That means a few more days to take advantage of the 99p/c purchases from our growing selection. You'll find that roughly half of the fantastic Ocelot titles are at 99p/c. 

Since 3 of my own titles are reduced for this SALE, you'll find that means lots of choices from my books are offered at 99p.

Hop on over to Amazon using this link and see just how many of mine can be snapped up at this mega-bargain price. HERE

Do a search for Ocelot Press on Amazon to find the reduced titles from the other Ocelot Press authors who are participating: Sue Barnard; Vanessa Couchman; Cathie Dunn; Yvonne Marjot and  Jennifer C. Wilson.

Enjoy the excellent reads, which I can heartily recommend since I've read them all. 

SlĂ inte!    

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