Thursday, 17 January 2019

#KindleCountdown worth a try?

Good Morning Thursday! 

I've had such an intense focus lately on getting my contemporary mysteries back into availability in both ebook and paperback formats that I've almost forgotten to promote my latest novel Agricola's BaneBook 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series.

I'm now delighted to be able to concentrate more on my historical work since the above 3 contemporary mysteries can now all be purchased from Amazon again in @OcelotPress paperbacks as of today, 17th January 2019. 

I 'm trying something brand new to me for Agricola's Bane so I've enrolled it in a #KindleCountdown promotion. Now that these books are self-published I can try whatever seems like a good possibility for selling more copies, but more importantly giving a greater chance of getting some reviews for it. It's looking very lonely at present regarding reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.  I know that may be due to readers being reluctant to post reviews now - Amazon having had a huge purge of reviews during the latter part of 2018 in a bid to halt the misuse of the review system.

I'm always delighted to get any reviews for my novels and really do look forward to feedback. I've had a number of local people tell me they've enjoyed the latest addition to my Celtic Fervour Series, but these are readers who only buy paperbacks, don't ever buy from Amazon and can't post reviews there. I value those opinions highly though it'd be really nice to get similar feedback from the unknown readers who have bought Agricola's Bane from Amazon in kindle versions since its launch in mid-November. If you've already bought and read a copy of Agricola's Bane, please post a short review. 

So what about the #KindleCountdown? As I write this post, the price for Agricola's Bane is 99p on Amazon UK. It will not be at 99p for very long, but I've actually no way of knowing when Amazon will change to the price back to its £2.99 norm, though I'm told to expect an incremental rise in between. I assume that will take it to £1.99 for a while, but I'll only be able to know what the current price is by clicking that link! 

Grab a copy quick, if you want to get it at 99p! Click this link HERE 



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