Thursday, 2 August 2018

NEWS. #OcelotPress is live!

#ThursdayThoughts.. on an announcement! 

I've seen the #ThursdayThoughts hashtag on Twitter, and have even used it sometimes, but today it's perfect because I'm announcing the launch of a brand new website that's really important to me. 

I've mentioned Ocelot Press on my other social media outlets, and here on this blog regarding the recent re-publication of my Celtic Fervour Series of historical fiction via the collective of authors named Ocelot Press.

I'm thrilled today to declare that Ocelot Press now have a fabulous and shiny new website. You can browse our new website HERE to find out about all  of the other excellent authors who make up the collective. Find out which novels are currently available and what's coming soon.  

Ocelot Press is a small independent group of authors (previously and currently) published by Crooked Cat Books. Our aim is to provide support to each other with editing, publishing and marketing our novels, whilst retaining our independence and control as authors.   

Click the website link above to follow us online and share with your friends, particularly those who might enjoy our historical fiction. Please also like and share us on Facebook  and Twitter .

Meanwhile, Agricola's Bane, Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour series is one step further along the road to publishing. Look out for further news on that soon!

The sun is shining and it's a fabulous temperature for sitting outside in the shade with a book. It's so convenient that currently my Kindle pile is quite large again. 


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