Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Summer Sizzlers!

Yes! It's that time of year again but I'm  not talking about the scorching weather that much of the UK is experiencing just now.

I try not to bombard this blog too often with news of my novels being available at #sale prices but sometimes it's just got to be done as a publishing requirement. Every summer my publisher, Crooked Cat Books, has had a Summer Sale of most of their novels. That time is now and for the next  3 days, from 24th - 26th of July 2018, you can pick up a 99p/99c  bargain across the Amazon network. 

Crooked Cat publishes many different genres giving a bountiful selection to choose from for your Summer Sizzling reads.

My #mystery novels are published by Crooked Cat and all 3 are available in the sale at that bargain price of 99p/99c. 

When I started with Crooked Cat in 2012 my sales pitch might have been 'grab a book for the same price as a cup of coffee' meaning  One book was around the price for one coffee. Skip to 2018, and you're now getting all three books for around the price of one cup of coffee. 

Is that not a crazy bargain? I'll be off to pick up some copies of novels I've not yet read! 

Click the links below or hop on over to #Amazon and do a search for 'Crooked Cat Books' to see a full selection. And most of all enjoy!

Topaz Eyes - http://getbook.at/buymehere  
Monogamy Twist - http://getbook.at/findithere

And if you could please remember? Reviews after finishing a novel are very welcome - I don't ask often enough but I do need a whole lot more. 

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