Monday, 28 May 2018

#Bootleg Beatles- Yeah! Yeah!

How Did That Happen?

My Monday theme is likely to be taken over occasionally by personal blog posts rather than posts to do with writing. That is the case today because I want to take the opportunity to describe an event  attended last weekend.

Saturday 26th May 2018, I went to a very special concert in Glasgow (Scotland) which was held at the Kelvingrove Park Bandstand Arena. Kelvingrove Park is a well-established one that started life as the West End Park in 1852. Its bandstand was a well-used and popular venue during the summer months for more than a century, but it eventually fell into disrepair and was subject to vandalism around the mid 1990s. 

However, when Glasgow became host to the Commonwealth Games in 2014, it got a new lease of life. A large injection of cash (around £2 million) restored the area to a beautiful venue for outside concerts. An open-air amphitheatre isn’t weatherproof, but I’m glad to say that the weather behaved beautifully last Saturday.  

It was an extra special time for me since I was meeting up with old school friends of mine – two of whom I first met when I was only seven years old and went to the same Broadholm Primary School, and another two whom I met at 12 years old at Waverley Secondary School.

Along with a few other girls, we screamed ourselves hoarse at a live Beatles concert in the Odeon Theatre, Glasgow, on December 3rd 1965. That was the one and only time I ever saw the Beatles but when my friend, who still lives in Glasgow, realised that a Beatles ‘lookalike’ band were playing at the Kelvingrove Bandstand we jumped at the chance to see them. 

They are the Bootleg Beatles and they were fantastic or in the parlance of the 1960s – they were FAB!

Their music sounded very much like the original Beatles. The one playing Paul looked a bit like paul but definitely sounded like Paul. George and John were dead-ringers for the early Beatles. Ringo was too far off to see properly though he definitely had a look of him. When they changed wigs and clothes for the Sgt, Peppers era, John was so amazingly alike.

All told, the venue was very well-organised and the concert brilliant! I’d recommend The Bootleg Beatles anytime. The audience, comprising all ages, had a wonderful time.

We loved it Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


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