Monday, 14 May 2018

Afternoon Tea? Why not!

Saturday was such a fine day!

St. Giles
There was nothing particularly usual about it, since I was up around 5.30 a.m. to get organised for a long bus/coach journey to Edinburgh. Breakfast over, showered and dressed, I was ready to leave the house at 6.45 a.m. to catch the local bus into Aberdeen. I had about a 15 minutes turn-around before boarding the next coach to Edinburgh- just long enough to buy a bottle of water and visit the Ladies (Yes, there is a toilet on the coach but I'm not a lover of using it).

Fiona, Me, and Ann
I love going down to Edinburgh but I don't drive down - the coach is so much more relaxing and there's no problem about finding an extortionate parking space. The downside is that it takes me around 4 and a half hours by 2 buses (each way), whereas driving down might be around 3 hours. Taking the train is possible, but I'd still have a journey into Aberdeen to pick up the train. The train isn't cheap, so that would be added expense, and since it only costs me £1 to book a seat on the bus - I go by bus!

My thanks to the #Scottish Government for arranging my 'Free' bus transport around Scotland- I can't thank you enough for this pleasure. I don't use my free bus pass all that often, but I really appreciate having its occasional use.

A short walk from the bus station in Edinburgh and I was at the venue for my Afternoon Tea meet-up with the ladies of the Romantic Novelists Association Scottish Chapter and what a fine afternoon it

The best thing wasn't the very beautifully presented food but it was being in the physical company of other like minded authors who are usually only virtual names. It was excellent to be a part of such a short but very important event on the RNA Scottish calendar.
Writers Museum 

I also had a little time to walk around the busy Edinburgh streets before our meeting. The Royal Mile being near our venue -The Scotsman Hotel. Sadly, it was too short to be involved in any of the numerous Tourist Trap tours. Once again I got to 'The Writers Museum', but had no time to browse around inside. That can be for another visit and another day!


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