Monday, 28 August 2017

It's the Crooked Cat Summer Sale!

Hello from somewhere on the high seas off Iceland. 

Actually, I'm in one of the fjords on the northern coast of Iceland, that leads to Akureyri our port of call for one night.

When I managed to log on to the internet (which hasn't been easy while en route to Greenland- should that surprise me?) I confirmed news of the Crooked Cat Summer Sale that lasts from the 28th August to the 31st August (2017).

That means that most of my novels are at 99p/ 99c across the Amazon Network, as well as lots of other CC books.

There's tons of genres to choose from and many of those cross the usual stereotypical genres which makes for REALLY GREAT READS!

Just pop onto Amazon, search for Crooked Cat books to see the selection and click away!

Alternatively here's a link to my own page HERE. 

Happy Reading,


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