Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Like scary stories? Try The Helland Reckoning!

Novels Read Recently Update 1! 

Are you able to read paranormal horror easily? I really don't think I'm very good at it because The Helland Reckoning by Adrian Martin (published by Crooked Cat Books) was really not a comfortable read for me but it was totally rivetting- at least once I had plucked up sufficient courage. I'm certainly no expert at paranormal, or horror, but get the feeling some people might not find it as scary as I do but might love it for the absorbing storyline. 

Here's what I thought of it,  the review I posted on Amazon and Goodreads...

I have to confess to beginning this novel and then doing something most unusual for me. Once started I normally read through a novel right to the end, even if not all in one sitting.  With The Helland Reckoning I got to around 10% and put down my kindle. Reading this kind of novel in bed and around midnight was way too scary for me. I decided to only read the novel during daylight hours.
I’m glad I eventually plucked up the courage to read on (definitely during the day and not alone) because it was totally engrossing though I’m not really sure why some of the bloodiest bits happened! Closer to the end I was piecing together the interweaving character threads but definitely not the entire plot - there were still some surprises that the author kept under wraps till the end.

Paranormal horror isn't my most favourite genre but if you gravitate to that kind of story then I'm sure you'll love The Helland Reckoning.

Happy reading!


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