Saturday, 8 October 2016

Working on #plot conflicts

Happy Saturday to you! 

Scenes including bloody skirmishes between the Roman soldiers of Agricola’s legions and the Taexali Celts can’t be the only conflict in my current writing of Book 4 of my Celtic Fervour Series, so I’m working on making changes to my ‘BIG PLAN’. AGAIN.  I’ve chopped and changed the plot of this novel so often during the last year and I’ve removed chunks of text as I’ve done more and more research on the Roman Invasion of northern Britannia (Scotland).

I’ve loved finding yet one more book written by some other archaeologist whose findings and interpretations differ very slightly from the previous one. I’ve really enjoyed reading the latest archaeological findings from the latest digs on the Gask Ridge of Roman fortlets and watchtowers which changed my perceptions very slightly but they've caused me moments when I've doubted my timelines and accuracy in what the Roman actually did in Scotland.

I’m now going to appeal to my friendly readers to remind me regularly to halt the researching, stop my procrastinating and just get on with writing what will be my FICTIONAL version of what happened to my Garrigill characters and their Caledon hosts after the Battle at Beinn Na Ciche (which is essentially the Battle of Mons Graupius).

So it’s back to the keyboard again for me, and might be bye, bye to Social media for a bit. Meanwhile, I’m making notes to myself to remember the goals of my main characters.

Agricola- Wikimedia Commons
  • Is Enya going to find her brother and cousin and if so, what hardships will she have to endure during the process?  
  • How am I going to feed the dramatic decisions of the novel be to my readers in little partial disclosures? Who of my characters will be setting a new important question as one of my characters answer a previous one for my readers? These questions will all widen the story but will also lead up to the inevitable plot conclusion as set down by me.
  • Are the places I’ve planned for linking different sequences of action going to be the best for reader enjoyment and empathy?
  • Do I have the scenes conveying events which cause the next event in a natural fashion (cause and effect), or are my scenes too disjointed for the reader?
  • Are my characters believable and getting what they want, without too much or too little conflict with other characters and situations?
  • Does Nith have enough of a direct focus and aim?
  • Am I giving #Agricola enough exposure as a strong secondary character and do I want him to be this way? Or do I need him to still remain a fairly shady yet ‘well known’ character? 

When I’ve got all of my words in the right order and progress is made - I’ll let you know!

Meanwhile, look out for a taster for my Sunday Snippet tomorrow. 

SlĂ inthe!

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