Monday, 10 October 2016

#Monday Moments & Facebook hackers!GRRR...

 My Monday has been one of ups and downs.

First was the car problem. It’s due in for a full service next week but it seems to have developed a little problem that’s causing it to lose power and since it doesn’t have much oomph at the best of times – that’s serious! However, when the garage was contacted they told us that we can ignore the flashing or sometimes constant ‘engine alert’ light and just carry on till next week’s booking.
I coaxed it home from Westhill yesterday (Sunday) where I was selling my novels at a Craft Fair. That was only a return trip of about 14 miles but this morning I had a booking in Ellon to do an author presentation at the Ellon Forum, a group which meets every second Monday at 10 a.m. I got up bright and early at 7 a.m. so that I could leave in plenty of time for the return trip of around 40 miles which normally takes around 40 minutes.

I don’t normally have my husband tagging along to my ‘author talk’ sessions but I’m very glad he decided to accompany me today as he needed to really do some coaxing of the engine on the steeper hills. We got there far too early, of course, but it was a huge relief to get there at all.
The session with the Ellon Forum was absolutely perfect. The 40 or so people (I didn’t actually count them but it seemed about then many) were a wonderfully receptive audience during the general presentation about my books. It was even more fantastic when I sold 14 of my novels to them; potentially got 2 new beta readers for any new manuscripts and also potentially new bookings for talks to other groups. My thanks go to Lynne Copping for arranging my visit, and my thanks also go to the rest of the group for attending and listening… and the coffee for both me and my husband.

It was with trepidation we set off on the homeward journey. It was slow but we made it! 

Sadly, another downer was coming home to find that my Facebook profile had been hacked and lots of people who were already my friends had received a bogus friend request. I was not born in 1995 and I was also not joining Facebook at that same time! Hopefully I’ve got it all sorted now (having spent ages this afternoon) because I want to enjoy thinking about my lovely morning!
I hope you never have the distastefulness and violation of having some bogus nuisance illegally ‘borrow’ your persona.

SlĂ inthe! 

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