Tuesday, 2 August 2016

If the shoe fits...

Tuesday Tales...

No, I'm not going to be dealing in fiction just yet. Today, I visited the iron age (and later) hill Fort of Dunadd near Kilmartin, Argyll and Bute, Scotland. This hillfort was believed to be the home of the kings of Dal Riata. 

It's possible that the rocky crag I visited today may have at one time been an island. It is situated near the River Add from which it takes its name, the land around now reclaimed from a formerly boggy moss, named the Moine Mhor or 'Great Moss' in Scottish Gaelic.

Originally inhabited during the iron ages, the site was later used by the Kings of Dal Riata.  

And this is where my title comes in. If the shoe fits...

There are unique stone carvings below the upper enclosure (it took a little imagination to picture that ) one of which is a very clear footprint. This footprint and nearby 'basin' are thought to have formed part of the coronation ritual of the Kings of Dal Riata. When the foot of the new king was inserted he was not only pledging to be king of his men but also the protector of the landscape around him.

My foot fit perfectly so, at an average woman's size 5 shoe, I'm wondering just how small the kings were back then...and the size of their feet!
Failed selfie at the entrance gates near the summit.

I've no time to do more just now since I'm about to get ready to attend a wedding near Lochgilphead but I'll write more about Dunadd very soon.



  1. Love the pictures! So if the shoe fits, is that like pulling a sword from a stone? ;)

    1. Spot on, Crystal! That was exactly what was in my mind. Now I just need to get myself a kingly purpose. :-)
      Thanks for popping in.


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