Friday, 5 August 2016

Are Summer Suns A-Glowin' with Jill Barry?

Another Friday has dawned!

Unfortunately, not in summery fashion for me in north-east Scotland but there's hope that the sun will break through...tomorrow, but that isn't stopping me from continuing my summer writing theme. 

Today, I've got Jill Barry to join us and tell us how summer can affect her outpourings. Jill's a fairly new Crooked Cat author, the publisher having recently published her mystery thriller -The House Sitter - though Jill's not new to being published.    

Welcome to my blog, Jill. Please tell us what the summer suns do for you- a glowin' or not? 

Thank you, Nancy, for inviting me round. Summer sun is something we don’t see too much of here in South Wales but we do have our moments. Like many other places in the UK, we enjoyed scorching weather in mid July though inevitably, it didn’t suit everyone. I’m not a winter person so look forward to heading to Australia on 1st November 2016. In Melbourne, it’ll be spring, which everyone tells me means wearing ‘layers.’ I’ll be packing a wedding outfit so hope the Australian sun shines on my son and his lovely bride.

Writing outside isn’t something I often indulge in. We live on the outskirts of a city, fortunately surrounded by trees and green hills. Our garden is still a work in progress but I might venture out and scribble on a notepad sometimes. Mainly I write, whether the sun’s shining or not, at my pc. I’m a touch typist so can gallop towards my target word count, provided the Muse is around and I’m not tempted by visits to social media sites.
Photo courtesy of Jill Barry -
The photograph I took a year ago is a delightful example of a seaside town council ignoring formal floral displays, though I love all flowers, especially when they brighten urban areas.

At time of writing, I’ve just submitted my seventh pocket novel to my D C Thomson editor. This one is set in the 1960s as was my last one and I do find it refreshing, not having to worry about mobile phones and easy access to information. In real life of course, we’d very much miss some if not all aspects of modern technology!

Nancy says: I totally agree, Jill but we do need that great escape from technology sometimes, these days.  

A little more about Jill Barry...
she enjoys cooking, reading and watching as much tennis as she can get away with. She was born in South Wales, spent her married years in Wiltshire and returned to her homeland fifteen years ago, though she has moved twice since, now almost back to her roots. Moving must have kick started her love of writing and, after some short story acceptances, she tackled her first novel (still ‘in the drawer’) and had several erotic romances published by Xcite Books. 
Having completed an online course run by Sally Quilford, she decided to change genres, this resulting in numerous novellas, pocket novels and full-length works. Why another change of genre? Jill loves Mid Wales for its timelessness and magnificent scenery and has lived in a village similar to the fictitious one where much of The House Sitter action happens. A friend’s house move triggered the plot and Crooked Cat liked the novel enough to publish it. Jill is contemplating another dark novel, but alongside writing romance – a combination that she says suits her personality!

You can find Jill at the following places: 

Jill's Crooked Cat novel...

The House Sitter

Thank you for contributing to my summer writing theme, Jill. I wish you the very best for all of your writing projects.



  1. It was a pleasure to send you Jill Barry's summer thoughts, Nancy. I hope we have plenty more sunshine in store over the next couple of months.

    1. Now that's a great thought, Jill/ Sandra.

  2. Great interview. I especially agree with not being able to write outdoors as over here in VERY sunny France I can't get my computer screen to stop reflecting my own ugly mug back at me, apart from sticking it in a carboard box, then I look like I'm hiding... no it's easier indoors. Thank you both, ladies. x

    1. Exactly, Ailsa! I can't even see the little screen on my phone when there's bright light. Sigh. Thanks for coming by and for your kind comment.

  3. It was lovely to find out more about you on Nancy's blog, Jill. Wishing you a great trip to Oz!


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