Sunday, 30 November 2014

Happy St. Andrew's Day!

Happy St. Andrew’s Day to everyone – even though it’s now almost gone for me in Scotland.

It's been a day of rushing to get to the end of my latest writing project- that WIP that's been on the go for ages. I’m now delighted to say that I have finished the lastest version, give or take that I am so anal I need to reread the whole thing all over again before I tackle the sensitive subject of getting beta readers and sending off the manuscript to an editor.
I have an editor in mind, and hope he’s still interested in working with me on this project that's taken so long to rewrite.

I still want to complete my challenge of getting the manuscript done by the end of November, so I’m going to have to read like fury – it being just past 10pm here. 

I've already given some background to St.Andrew's Day on this blog in past years, and may do a little more tomorrow- depending on how tonight finishes up.

In case you know nothing about St. Andrew here’s a link.


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