Saturday, 8 November 2014

After day 1 of Fair/ WRANGLERS blog today

Hello to Saturday! 

This is a short first post, today,  as I'm rushing to get ready to leave for my second day at the Christmas Craft Fair. I know, it seems early to talk about the event but these fairs do start early! The stalls are fabulous and the atmosphere really great. I've bought too much from other crafters but they have lovely stuff.

I sold more novels than my best record so far at any fair so I'm delighted and with another day to go it could be a fabulous weekend. I've also made some contact with a local City Press so that's a very valuable connection!

Although I'm not availble to answer till later, I've got my usual 'every-second-Saturday post ' at WRANGLERS blog, so pop on over and read about my last Thursday evening event at our local Bonfire night. 

See you later with an update. Have a good Saturday.

My Sunday update! 

The fair was busy yesterday and I again sold a record amount for me at any of the fairs attended to date. It's not hundreds of books, as at some author book signings, but I sold 15 novels on Saturday and had lots of lovely conversations with other potential readers who promised to buy the e-book versions.  

A total of 29 sales over 2 days was very good.

Having been AWOL on Friday and Saturday my Sunday is now dedicated to doing a spot of extended childminding of my granddaughter and grandson. Since the day is fine we're going to the park!

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