Tuesday, 12 November 2013

So...what was in it for the Roman Empire?

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( photo:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:A._Tempesta_Cerialis_1612.jpg
Description:  Antonio Tempesta (possibly after Otto van Veen). Cerialis grants mercy to soldiers that went over to the enemy, 69-70 [from the Revolt of the Batavi series]. 1612. Etching. 165 × 210 mm. Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam (inv.nr. RP-P-OB-77.933).)

I'm guest blogging over at Mark Patton's blog today- talking about the basis of my forthcoming novel AFTER WHORL-BRAN REBORN, the second book in my Celtic Fervour series of Celtic/Roman Britain Adventures. The second novel picks up the life of Brennus of Garrigill and launches him into his own story, but today's blog is more about why the Roman Empire would want to invade the lands around Garrigill anyway.

What was in it for them? Why did the man (Quintus Petilius Cerialis Caesius Rufus) pictured above march the Roman army under his command all the way up into the territories of the Brigantes? As Roman Governor for Britannia he was the top man on the island. Of course, he in turn would mainly have been following orders from the Roman Emperor Vespasain.
Vespasian - wikimedia commons
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