Friday, 15 November 2013

Familiarise Friday welcomes back Gayle M. Irwin

On Familiarise Friday I'm welcoming Gayle Irwin. Gayle's brought along a great character today but she's one who can't really speak for herself - though Gayle does a lot of that for her.

I met Gayle through my 'every second Saturday slot' at Writing Wranglers and Warriors Blog and know that Gayle is a very special lady who spends a lot of her time out and about.

She certainly walks Mary for exercise, the lovely dog you see in this photo, but Gayle also takes Mary around the community to meet new friends - old and young. They visit in schools, libraries and other public places. Mary was a rescue dog and only came to Gayle about a year ago (Time passes so quickly Gayle can confirm how long ago that was but it doesn't seem too long). Gayle's no stranger to talking about the comfort and joy that's to be had from canine friends and has a number of books written about this.  She's happy to share how she blends her devotion to her dogs with her religious convictions. 

In particular she's written about the extra special pleasure that can be had from a dog with great infirmities, like blindness - though that is not the book featured today.

On show today is Gayle's most recent publication.

Devotions for Dog Lovers: Paws-ing for Time with God
by Gayle M. Irwin

Spend a few moments a day with God, reflecting upon faith lessons taught by our canine companions.  We'll journey through thankfulness, joy, love, faithfulness, grief, acceptance, and other pathways, reflecting upon what God has to say to us through the adventures of the author's own dogs as well as others. Each topical devotion features a correlating Scripture, a dog story, Biblical application to the story and topic, and life application for the reader as well as a concluding prayer. These short 30-day reflections are a great way for you to relate your Christian faith to your love for dogs!

and in paperback through the author's website:

Gayle Irwin is the author of several inspirational dog books for children and adults and volunteers with various animal rescue organizations.

Best wishes with your latest book, Gayle, and my thanks for sharing your news with me on Familiarise Friday. 


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