Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Welcome Wednesday with Dee Little!

Welcome Wednesday is delighted to welcome a new guest today. I met Dee Little via someone on a Facebook group. Dee is one of those so welcome people who writes but who also loves to read and review novels. She's very kindly told us a little about herself...
(Pssst...Dee and I are doing a blog swap today. Find me at Dee's blog  HERE)

Hi Everyone!

First off I would like to thank Nancy for letting me take over her blog today :D

Secondly I'd like to show you the way to my blog where Nancy has made herself at home today :D check it out over at

So today I decided to chat a little about why I started blogging.

I love reading, and always have a book on the go sometimes two or three! I've always read, as long as I can remember, and it was one of my favourite things to do when I was a child. On a Saturday my parents would take me, my brother and sister to the local library, and we'd be allowed to choose our book allowance. We'd go home with a carrier bag of books borrowed, and I'm sure they didn't even last the 7 days we had them borrowed for!

I've kept up my reading habits, and last year decided I'd like to make my own blog where I could post my reviews of books. Therefore Love Books? Blog Books! was created! I started off with a couple of posts about myself and my favourite books/authors. Then I started posting my reviews. After a little while, I was pointed in the direction of some wonderful ladies who write erotica, and they have since became good friends of mine. They comment on my reviews of their books, send me books to review, and often guest post on my blog.

So my blog has evolved now, from it being just book reviews, to now having guest authors, blog tours, and more. The more, being my writings. I have started writing a few erotic novels (after reading so many I couldn't wait to try it myself!), and a few shorts/flashes, which have been posted on my blog for all to read. I am slowly but surely making my way towards the end of my novels, and hopefully one day in the near future, they will be picked up by a publisher, and be available for you all to read :)

There you have it! Basically, my blog was started because of my love of reading!

I hope you've enjoyed my post today, and if you blog, I'd love to hear your comments on why you started blogging too!

Have a nice day all and thanks for reading :D

Dee xx

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More about Dee:

Dee lives in Newcastle upon Tyne and is a proud Geordie! She has 6 loves in her life: her daughter, her son, her partner Chris, books, tattoos and food! She loves to write and is hoping one day to have a book published and currently has 3 WIPs, but for now publishing her writings on her blog and writing reviews will do. She loves chatting to everyone and encourages authors, readers and reviewers to give her a shout!

Thank you for visiting Welcome Wednesday, Dee. It's been lovely having you visit.



  1. Thanks for having me today Nancy! The rains on its way here today, hope you're having better weather!

    1. Grey, grey but never mind- it's not snowing!


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