Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday Moments presents Tomorrow's Anecdote

It's Monday Moments time again and I'm delighted to welcome fellow Crooked Cat Publishing author, Pamela Kelt. Her debut novel, Tomorrow's Anecdote, was launched in April 2013. This piece of contemporary fiction is only one of the genres Pamela writes for. Read on to find out more about her...

...and I'm being interviewed at her blog today
Just another day in the newsroom?


It is October 1987.

Clare Forester is an overworked and under-appreciated features subeditor on a provincial paper in Somerset. She spends her time cheerfully ranting about her teenage daughter, the reclusive lodger, her spiteful mother, the Thatcher government, new technology, grubby journalists, petty union officials, her charming ex – and just about anything else that crosses her path.

If things aren’t turbulent enough, on the night of Thursday, October 15th, the Great Storm sweeps across Britain, cutting a swathe of destruction across the country.

Things turn chaotic. Pushed to breaking point, Clare finally snaps and loses her temper with gale-force fury – with disastrous results.

As she contemplates the chaos that her life has become, Clare soon comes to a bitter conclusion.

Never trust the past.


About Pamela Kelt:
Pamela Kelt first managed to avoid any semblance of the day job by taking Spanish at the University of Manchester. On completion of the degree and after a subsequent six brain-fogging months on a local paper, she fled to Oxford and completed her M. Litt. thesis on ‘Comic aspects of satirical 17th-century comic interludes’, which was not only much more fun, but strangely relevant to coping with the vagaries of the 21st century. After becoming a technical translator, she discovered that English was easier, and did copywriting for anyone who would pay. On a stint in Australia, she landed a job as a subeditor and returned to journalism, relishing the chance to come up with funny headlines in a variety of provincial papers. Ah. Once a pun a time.

As her academic husband became a chemistry professor in something even she can’t spell, Pam moved into the more sensible world of educational magazines and online publishing – for a while, at least. A daughter arrived and reintroduced her to the delights of fiction, which she’d sort of forgotten about. So, one fine day, while walking the dogs at a local beauty spot, thinking ‘to hell with a career’, Pam took the plunge into writing for herself, and is now the author of six books to date, including In addition retro mystery in the form of Tomorrow’s Anecdote, with Crooked Cat. Out on 21 June is historical mystery Dark Interlude (MuseItUp), to be followed by The Lost Orchid (Bluewood Publishing); ‘film noir’ thriller Half Life (MuseItUp) co-written with aforementioned prof, is released in August. Two YA fantasies follow in the autumn: Ice Trekker and The Cloud Pearl (part one of Legends of Liria), both with MuseYA.

Pam’s links and contact details
Follow Pam on Twitter and Facebook. Find out all the latest on her author website and blog. Or just send an email to

See her author pages on,, Goodreads and Smashwords

Best wishes with sales of all of your titles Pamela!

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