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Familiarise Friday meets Kate Wellesley

Familiarise Friday has the pleasure of welcoming a new friend today. Kate Wellesley is from Steve K. Smy's

G1: The Guardians series (Shade of Evil, Evil Under The Circle, and The Sigil of Ahriman

You'll find out more about Steve and his horror/future; science fiction; fantasy writing by clicking HERE.

It's lovely to have you here today, Kate, and I'm delighted you've allowed me to ask you some nice questions. What part of the ‘world’ are you from?

I was born on the outskirts of Bath, in England, possibly England’s most beautiful town for a very long time.  I lived there for a very good length of time, for me.  I’ve always missed it.

I've read often about Bath, especially in Regency Historicals, but have never managed to visit. It sounds such a lovely place.  Is that where you are currently living?

I’m afraid I’m not allowed to tell you that.  All I can say is that it is a beautiful place in one of the prettiest parts of Britain.  It’s very ‘English’ – like Hollywood used to love portraying the country.  I share my home with hundreds of very fine people indeed.  Almost as good as family, without some of the complications.

Okay...we'll try to avoid 'sensitive' questions. What’s your main job?
I’m Team Co-leader of G1, partnered by my dear friend, Matt Carter.  We are jointly responsible for ensuring that the team’s missions are carried out, using our best judgement.  Only general orders are given by the Director, as situations are often so very fluid and we have to make constant changes to plans.  Any lack of flexibility is potentially fatal.  While some missions may be on the basis of ‘at any cost’, we do try to avoid dying, for others as well as ourselves.  I wish I could say that we’ve never suffered losses...

Oh, maybe we should avoid the casualty list... Tell me 6 things about yourself.
Only six?  My, that’s so few for one who has lived so long!  Seriously, I would have to start with the fact that I have only been married once, and I have good cause not to have married again.  I was a pioneer in my youth, challenging the perceived role of women in society, though I firmly reject ‘feminism’.  I have been a teacher and a university lecturer at different times in my life, but I always preferred learning to teaching.  I became an ‘expert’ in ancient civilisations and religions of the Middle and Near East, at a time when women simply didn't involve themselves in such things.  I can speak five languages, and manage to read four more.  I have seen four different centuries – and no, I’m not some undead creature or some such nonsense.  I’m just genetically different to most.

So different? Mmm... How would your significant other describe you?
Which one?  At the moment, I don’t have anybody who could be described as my ‘significant other’.  In fact it’s been a very long time since I did.  Let me see... I suppose: Stubborn,  annoyingly good with general knowledge, caring, emotionally strong... I’m sorry!  I find this very embarrassing.  I know that I have been accused of some very peculiar combinations of character.

Strong is good! What do you find most fascinating about people?
Their willingness to risk all for others.  It’s not as uncommon a trait as some would think, either.  I’ve seen some remarkable things, even before joining the Guardians. Such people are too often not recognised for what they are. As an individual, Matt is the bravest man I have ever known, though his dour ‘soldier’ exterior conceals a warm, caring heart – and I find that fascinating – that one person can appear so radically different to their true nature.

Sounds like Matt is pretty significant! If you've lived so long perhaps you want to change something about your lifestyle. What would you change first?
Oh, now!  In all honesty I have no such desire.  I haven’t had since I joined the Guardians.  I can think of nothing more satisfying than the work we do, and, as I’ve said, I share my life with some truly remarkable people, many of whom are a combination of family and friend.

What leisure pursuits would you want to take up next?
I have very little leisure time, to be fair, but I would quite like to take up something like embroidery or other needlework, especially designing.

That sounds very sedentary. Err..m Do you enjoy travel?
I do, which is very fortunate, considering how much travelling I have to do with G1.

What would be your most favourite way to travel?
I love driving.  It gives you more time to see places, and you are in comfort (most of the time) and protected against the elements.  Flying is my least favourite.  How can you enjoy moving so high over the world that there’s nothing to see?

Do you tend to favour any particular genre or sub-genre of fiction for your leisure reading? 
For a very long time, I read according to what was available.  It wasn’t until the second half of the Twentieth Century that there was wide choice.  I love reading history, the further back the better.  As for fiction, I rarely read any, to be honest.  I have been known to read some novels which have a fictional slant on the kind of things the Guardians get involved in.  For me, most of those are as good as comedies.

As a history junkie I have to approve of your choice, Kate.  Thank you so much for coming today. It's been a pleasure meeting you.

About the 'Sigil' series:

The Sigil of Ahriman by Steve K Smy

The Sigil of Ahriman, Part 3 of G1: The Guardians, relates how the elite G1 team, despite being decimated by the closing conflict of their last mission (Evil Under The Circle), are called upon to again take the field against a powerful evil.  An ancient artefact has been stolen by an unknown individual.  An artefact with the potential to bring the dark god, Ahriman, back into the world.  And if Ahriman does return, all humanity will be enslaved – or destroyed.  This is the ultimate power of the Sigil of Ahriman!

With their thinned ranks filled by inexperienced members of the Guardians, G1, under the leadership of Kate Wellesley and Matt Carter, and with the Lama Bradhiman Thom as ally and advisor, leave their secret headquarters for the north of England.  It would seem that their chances are slim at best.  Will Bradhiman be the difference maker?  Will the mysterious enemy content himself with unlocking only part of the power of the Sigil?  Only one thing is certain: G1 are on a mission unlike any before it, and they are at their weakest.

The Sigil of Ahriman is currently available as an ebook for Kindle from all Amazon stores (Amazon Ref. B00D2O61XG).  It will be released as a paperback shortly, through skoobebooks.
Also available in this series: Shade of Evil and Evil Under The Circle.

Steve’s contact information:

Imagineer on facebook
Twitter: @SteveKSmyAuthor

Hop over to my features blog for more about Steve and his writing by clicking HERE.

Thanks for coming, Kate, and my best wishes to you!

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