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Welcome Wednesday to Lisa Wells

Today, I'm starting an author spotlight feature called 'Welcome Wednesdays'. Yes, I know, perhaps not so original. The title has, no doubt, been used before but it IS appropriate, so today I'm welcoming fellow Wild Rose Press author - Lisa Wells - as my first Welcome Wednesday guest of 2013.  

To get to know her better I asked Lisa some questions.  I knew her latest Wild Rose Press release of November 2012, wasn't a first for her so here are her answers:

How many books have you published so far?  5

That's great! How long have you been writing stories? Since I was 6 years old

My daughter was also writing really imaginative stories at 6 years old, but couldn't spell for toffee! Though, unlike you, she hasn't kept the urge going. 

Can you please tell us the name of your latest release?  BE STILL MY LOVER’S HEART

What is the genre/ subgenre of your latest novel? Paranormal/Futuristic Romance

Is that the genre you prefer to write in? I normally write in many genres and this was my first in the futuristic area. Paranormal is my norm, though.

Imagine you are tucked up in a comfy place. Is what you write, the same genre you’d be reading in that cosy nook? Sometimes. As of late, I’ve been reading a lot of the YA series. A bit of a break from what I write and also a bit of research since it is one of the genres I do write in.

I've found that I've also recently been reading quite a lot of what are now being classified as YA novels and some paranormal sub-genres; both of which were quite new new to me as a reader. But... back to your own writing - when do you manage to do most of your fiction writing?  From 2:00 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.

That sounds like a good regular slot. Where would be your ideal place to write? In a padded window, seat overlooking the ocean in an Irish castle.

Sounds very comfy... the view would be fantastic, I'm sure, though perhaps a bit draughty? 

In BE STILL MY LOVER’S HEART please describe your main characters – using three sentences for each.

**Shea (heroine) is living with incredible heartbreak and is only alive because of her best friend, but she is stronger than she knows and beautiful inside and out. Unlike her best friend, she wants no romantic entanglements and doesn’t really care whether she lives or dies.

**Tempest (Hero) has been around for a very long time. He is the leader of what remains of his race, conquered long ago by a hostile force but he is tired of life, living only for the answer to his prayers. He is noble, strong, protective and regal.

Can you give a short description of the situation your main characters find themselves in? Upon meeting, they found they are meant to be together, but Shea’s boss is envious of her and only wants her dead. She and her best friend find themselves caught in his web and nearly lose their lives if not for Tempest. They must fight to keep what they have together and defeat her nemesis to do so.

Which parts of the plot were the hardest to write? The betrayal of her boss, combined with his reasons for doing what he did.

Are you planning to make a series of novels, or a sequel? This is the first of five in this series.

What are you currently writing? I’m currently finishing a contemporary romance for this year’s Holiday Season and working on three other projects, one of which is the second in this series.

That sounds like a good workload to be taking on, Lisa! Best wishes for you future writing projects.


Memory Makers - Be Still My Lover's Heart Book One
Ethereal beauty Shea, a Lieutenant in a Universal military, has spent the last four years protecting Colony supply freighters on a small space station. If not for her partner and the hopes of a better assignment, the loss of her husband and a devastating illness would leave her little desire to live.
That is until she meets Tempest, an alien whose species is rumored to be the origin of the vampires. A man who makes her feel alive in ways she's never felt before.
Tempest has prayed to the Divine One for countless years for his bondmate. Shea is his long-awaited answer and so much more. One night will not be enough for a man who has waited a lifetime, but he is determined to make Shea his forever.
With a madman out to destroy them and certain death nipping at their heels, will Tempest and Shea outwit Remi and survive to share a future together, or die protecting all they hold dear?

“You must be Shea,” he purred, deep in his chest.
The deep, magnetic voice vibrated all the way to Shea’s center. Warm, peaceful currents flowed through her blood, calming her. She looked across the table into the face of the alien male, much more attractive in a royal way. His presence was powerful; he exuded self-confidence, and the air around him nearly sparked, taking her breath away. He looked as though he topped six-feet eight inches, and for the first time since her husband died, her heart clenched. An air of intensity, way beyond her most wonderful fantasies, surrounded him and reached with invisible tendrils to surround her.
A delicious chill ran up her spine. He was beautiful. Large black eyes fringed with dark lashes assessed her with a mix of emotions and, she suspected, a small measure of danger. A dusting of dark stubble ran along the edges of a sculpted, masculine jaw. His blue-black hair was longer than hers by about three to four inches and looked as fine as silk, falling loosely down his back and over his shoulders, but it was his lips that drew her eye, full and dark red. Lips that made hers tingle.
Shea mentally shook herself and smiled.
“The door guard said you wanted to see me,” she said. Her voice came out more breath than vocal, and her heart paused as she glanced around the empty room.

Thank you for being my first 'Welcome Wednesday' guest of 2013, Lisa. Best wishes to you for a great year. 



  1. Wonderful interview ladies! Congrats on your book Lisa. Not only is the cover beautiful but I really enjoyed your excerpt.

  2. Hi Christine. Hope all is well with you just now!

  3. I like that ideal writing place! Congratulations on your book,Lisa, and on writing in so many different sub-genres.

  4. Congratulations Lisa. Your ideal writing spot sounds wonderful. I'm not sure I'd get much writing done there. I'd be too busy looking out the window at the scenery. Your characters sound fascinating.


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