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It's Saturday Freebie time! Aela's in the hot seat in ... Take Me Now

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Since today is the last Saturday in January I'm offering a FREE ecopy of my sensual corporate mystery- TAKE ME NOW. Read on, please, and find out how you could earn youself a FREE .pdf ecopy!

The story so far...
Aela Cameron has taken her injured boss, Nairn Malcolm, down to London so that he can check in to his headquarters whre there have been some some malicious incidents happening. Nairn's strange motorbike accident has left him needing Aela's chauffeuring and office services; there's been damage to stock in his warehouses; Aela has slipped on stairs malevolently tampered mention only a few. They've just been to visit the offices of the company who deals with AD campaigns for his products and are making their way back to Nairn's headquarters building.

Nairn was describing an earlier ad campaign as she drove along the slow lane of a busy divided highway on their return to the office.
“What is—” Nairn broke off when his butt began juddering on the seat.
“Brace yourself!” Aela yelled as her finger flicked on the left indicator, the nearside of the car shuddering even more to the right underneath a yelping Nairn.
 Aela yanked her foot off the gas pedal. Defensive driving techniques she’d learned years before got their first proper airing. She was wrapped in traffic. Car in front; one behind; another in the next lane alongside. A glimpse at the rearview mirror told her the car behind was too close for sudden deceleration. Harsh braking was no option anyway.
“Hazards!” she yelled at Nairn.
Nairn angled forward and punched on the hazard button in the middle of the console. Before sliding back in his seat again he flipped down the visor at his side of the car for a rear view.
“He’s too bloody close, Aela!” he warned.
“No. Look. He’s slowing down.”
Adrenalin pumped fiercely as she guided the convulsing car over onto the hard shoulder, thanking the almighty the driver behind had got the message as soon as the hazards flashed, but he was still a hairsbreadth from her fender as she cleared the carriageway.
Struggling to keep on a straight course, Aela’s grip was indomitable till the car eventually grated to a halt. Setting the parking brake she braced her forearms on the steering wheel. Her whole body was still vibrating, though thankfully the car wasn’t any more. Her head twisted around to look at Nairn before she collapsed back in her seat.
“You okay?” she muttered, a nervous smile erupting. “Bejeezuz! Thought we were done for, there.”
His eyes flickered, his mouth twitching before he groaned. “You sure are a cool customer under pressure. What the hell happened?”
Aela didn’t care to analyze. The adrenaline was still pumping high and all she wanted was to devour Nairn. Unclipping her seat restraint she grabbed his face and took his lips in a kiss robbing both of them of their senses. Still on a roll, she snatched another. Nairn needed no prompting to control the next as his good arm crushed her to him.
Sanity slowly returned. They were not in the safest of places to be conducting any kind of lovemaking, or an affirmation of life. Slipping free of his grip, her chest heaving, Aela grinned. “We are still alive, aren’t we?”
Admiration, gratitude, barely banked lust…and something else, really intense, radiated back to her. When he eventually spoke his voice was the deepest whisper. “Yeah. My…oh…so competent PA. More alive than you know.” His knuckles stroked her cheek.
For an eon Aela stared. Nairn stared back. Neither moved. But the car did from the buffeting blast of other vehicles whizzing past.
“Don’t you dare move yet, Nairn Malcolm! Not till I make sure it’s safe,” she ordered as her pulse settled, just a little.
A swift check of the side mirror told her when it was clear to open the door. Staggering her way around to Nairn’s side, she checked the state of the car.
The front wheel under Nairn was in place though only barely, and was pitched at a precarious angle. Exactly what was wrong with it, she hadn’t a clue. The tire seemed to be intact. Nairn wasn’t sure either when he gingerly removed himself from the car and stood alongside her. Both, however, thought it much too coincidental to be just one of those things. The Range Rover, Nairn explained, was less than a year old and had never had any malfunctions before.
Vehicles gusted past them as they gaped at the wheel, but since the Range Rover displayed no appearance of an accident other road users drove along on their merry way.
“I get the impression a change to the spare tire is not what this needs.” Aela waited for Nairn’s response to her question as he pulled out his cell phone.
“We’re not touching this at all. It would be normal to call the emergency road services, but I’m thinking a bit of advice from Detective woods won’t go amiss on this one. What’s your opinion, Aela?”
Easy to concur.

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  1. I think their friendly detective will find that the track rod has been half sawn through. They will probably not be able to continue and have to spend the night together in the nearest hotel / B and B ...while exploring their newly-found intimacy. Am I close? Hope so, I don't just want the book, I want to be Aela (Ailsa is close but no cigar!)

  2. Not quite right I'm afraid, Cameron, but thanks for adding a great comment! (You might still be lucky though. It's early in the day...)


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