Tuesday, 6 March 2012

FABULOUS ! Great ebook offers

How can you say no?
This week so many ebooks are available on special deals-either totally free or at reduced prices. When a book is 10% reduced that's great. If it is reduced by 25 % that's wow! And if it's free...

Now comes the dilemma. When am  going to read them all? My kindle is humming, as is my PDF file. Should I now stop having my book club send me print versions? I love handling books but it's sooo good to be able to pull out my small thin kindle and know there are LOADS of books still to read on it.

What do you think about buying in print these days? I'd love to know!

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Cheers and happy reading...



  1. Great question, Nancy. I love books, in either format. Like you, it's exciting to grow your list of books on Kindle. It's quick and easy, and often at a lower price than print books.


    I do love handling books, tweaking page corners, flipping pages. We have several tall bookshelves in our house, and we need another one soon as books are stacking up. All that despite having had a Kindle for 8 months. I tend to read mainstream historical novels as prints, and shorter books, romances, mysteries, etc, on Kindle. Of course, I prefer to get research books in print for easy reference.

    Sometimes it's quite nice to end the day not staring at an electronic device (Macbook, TV, Kindle) but at something that is tangible. Like a book...

  2. Hi Cathie,
    I agree with you. I love to read my historicals in print as well, but I can see me getting much more used to enjoying them on my kindle-especially, if I'm off on a jaunt for a couple of days. Much lighter for carrrying! - But then again I used to stuff my suitcase on holiday with books I'd no intention of bringing back, thus freeing up space for bringing back goodies...hmmm...another issue?

  3. Reduced or free ebooks are super. My kindle is vera happy these days, as is my laptop. But what if my pc crashes and my external hd and flash drives lock up? Don't laugh, it's happened. I have a Kingston finger drive I still can't get information off because it lost it's formatting or some technical thing. I will always value print books. Yes, they can get burned, water damage, or as here in Oklahoma, blow away in a tornado- but they are cheap and usually easier to replace. And the feel/smell of paper... That's what drew readers in eons ago and I think will continue to do so. Plus- not everyone can afford the electronic devices to read ebooks but everyone can manage to find a used book store.

  4. Great answer, Calisa! I just transferred loads of PDFs to my kindle a few minutes ago in the hope that I'll squeeze in their read sometime sooner! But I do love my paper books and can't see me never wanting them too.

  5. I work with both. If I love the book, I want to own it in paper, but there are tons of free/cheap ebooks out there, so a kindle is a must if you want to grab the goodies and branch out. But I miss having a cover, a blurb, knowing what book is 1st, 2nd, 3rd in a series...I just started organizing everything (thank goodness for collections!) but I still have a hard time knowing which book is which without the paper book. Maybe I can change the name to include that? Good point about the electronic backup - I need to do that!!

  6. Hi Elisa. Good points about organising. I now need to organise my kindle, but only after I read some of the lovely books waiting there for me to stop writing/editing and READ!


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