Thursday, 15 September 2011


Ever thought of how many things we are dependent on these days?
My adorable new granddaughter is entirely dependent on the adults around her to do everything. Old news there-definitely-and nothing startling about that!
The last few days I've had to be dependent on my darling other half to help me with all the nuisance factors of not having my own laptop this week. It's okay, I said, when I realized I'd left it 150 +plus+ miles away at a relative's house. My current WIPs are backed up-I'll manage on your Dinky-Dell for a week or so.
I find I'm sooooo dependent on my own little bit of technology, so much it's terrifying. My whole desk has had to be reorganised. We've swapped the printers...don't ask why it's too complicated. I'm now using a TV/monitor since the netbook display is so tiny, a separate keyboard and mouse... Just as well hubby is very competent at these things. I'm cringing at my own expertise.
*Big sigh here* and add another few more ****. It's not just my email contact addresses; it's not just the ease of looking at stored emails to make another vital print-out; it's not just needing the picture files I've stored for my current WIPpainstakingly saved after research at the planning stage. I'm usually a pantser, but this time I decided to be much more organised and PLAN!!!

How about you? How do you cope without your computer? I'd really love to know. Drop me a line and give me all the handy hints. Forget the vallium though...maybe just the glass of wine??

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