Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Can a Romance #competition be any better?

Wednesday Welcomes to you!

It's that time of year when romance authors are hoping for lots of lovely people to read their books. And I'm no exception. I sometimes focus on the historical aspects of my writing and let slide the fact that I also write contemporary romantic fiction.

But don't worry- I've not forgotten it this February.

My Corporate Sabotage Humorous Mystery  - Take Me Now -  is in a month long competition run via the OneStopFiction website. There are fabulous prizes to scoop up and everyone is a winner! You can't not win if you enter. It's that crazy!

There are loads of paperback novels on offer; or $50; or a choice of 14 different ebooks to choose from, of which my Take Me Now is one of them.

Just click the link HERE to enter.

Good Luck.


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