Thursday, 7 April 2016

4 stars for Monogamy Twist

A great find! 

While adding reviews to Goodreads today I thought to check my own and that was a very good thing! I found a very complimentary 4 star review for Monogamy Twist. Here's what the reviewer has written...

"With a gutsy heroine, ruthless hero, loyal wolfhound and an old country estate this book has the right ingredients to deliver a very entertaining story - and it didn't disappoint.
Luke Saleri has been left Greywood Hall, an estate in need of renovation. But there are some bizarre conditions that he has to fulfil before he can take ownership. Luke has no idea why he should be the beneficiary, but is determined to uncover his connection to the past owner. But first he needs the co-operation of neighbour Rhia Ashton and sets about it in a deliciously ruthless way. And if the wild Yorkshire landscape didn’t provide enough of a romantic setting, Luke whisks Rhia off to Brisbane and Rome before the mystery is completely unravelled. 
An excellent read to curl up with. Enjoyed it very much. "

My thanks to the reviewer.


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