Monday, 23 June 2014

Monday Moments meets ...Teun Zeger

My Monday Moments are with Teun Zeger, one of my characters in Topaz Eyes.

Most authors, I assume, have a mental image of what their character may look like. I generally have a vague idea of character traits for the initial stages of the book, but I tend to forget details far too easily as I write. My strategy for improving this is to trawl my favourite image site for a photo I can use for my 'character board'. The cork board behind my desk is full of printed out images -  what I imagine my characters to look like.

Once I've chosen an image my character then gets rounded out a lot more as I go on to write the whole plot. So far, I've only once needed to make any changes to the image I've acquired and that was the eye colour of a female character. The face I downloaded was perfect for my needs, though not the eyes. My easy solution was to use a marker pen to change to the colour I thought best for Nara, the heroine of Book 1 of my Celtic Fervour Series- The Beltane Choice.

When I download the image from, the site I mostly use, I'm happy because having purchased the use of the image means I'm able to use it for all promotional material and for my book trailer videos.

So, let's meet Teun Zeger. At this point we are only a few chapters into the story.

Hello, Teun. Can you give us an idea of what you think are your best attributes?
That's a good question. I'm pretty levelheaded. My analytical scientific background training, I believe, means I'm rarely impulsive. I usually can get a feel for what's going on and can plan accordingly.

Does that mean you're also an even tempered guy?
That would be a no. Keira calls me a stubborn, bad tempered idiot sometimes so I guess other people see me as being a hothead. I'm not an agressive person but I will defend people who mean a lot to me.

Does Keira mean a lot to you?
I don't know her well enough, yet, but I'm getting the feeling she just might become very important to me. She's a very good looking woman but that's only part of what I find attractive about her. Her involvement in my family intrigues me.

I heard someone summoned you to Heidelberg in Germany? Were you happy about that?
I was reluctant at first. I'd never heard of Jensen Amsel far less that he was my third cousin before he contacted me. It was only after I did a bit of family digging that I found out he genuine and is a far flung relation of mine.

Why did Jensen want you to go to Heidelberg?
He's got some notion that a bunch of precious emeralds, once belonging to a Mughal Emperor, have been scattered amongst my family. He thinks I might know where some of the hoard are hidden.

You don't sound like that's true?
Would you believe it? If my parents or grandparents had the chance to profit from some fabulously expensive emeralds they wouldn't have lived the poor life that they did live sometimes.

I'm thinking you're not entirely sure of your third cousin's motives?
You'd be absolutely right!

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