Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Beginnings

Summer visited for a few days, spring returned, then winter slammed down on us. One day last week it was seriously hot for my part of the world, and now? - We're plunged into a snowy landscape.

Like the changeable seasons I'm finding my relationships with family members has recently been renewed with a vengeance-though I have to say a Happy Vengeance. I've recently had occasion to enjoy the company of nephews, nieces and great nieces, but I've also been fortunate to meet family I've never laid eyes on before.

Sometimes it's time that separates family, and sometimes distance. What a pleasure it was to meet a niece I'd never seen before who just happens to live half a world away to the east, and now I'm having a great time meeting a cousin that half a world away to the west has separated us for all of my life.

Those new beginning buds are very special and like a piece of writing it will take a good bit of time and effort to nurture them into full blown flowers. It just so happens that, from my recent visitors, there have been so many new ideas to churn over that I can form into the basis of pieces of writing!

I'm off to to get going now to start those writing projects that are desperate to break out into bloom!
Have a lovely day...

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