Friday, 20 January 2012

What's doing?

Good question, that.
Obviously not much on my blog, yet, this year. But what I have been doing is getting on with that WIP that's coming along nicely. I've also been doing edits for my second contemporary contract with The Wild Rose Press. Details on that soon, I hope! My novel for children is moving through some very interesting stages at the moment. Again, to be updated on.

I'm excited today to be on a new blogsite called . So if you've nothing to do pop on over to it and say hi for a chance to win a copy of MONOGAMY TWIST if you haven't read it already.

But back to that Work In Progress.
Lots of nice research to do for it, and lots of words down on paper already. I've chosen lovely pics for my hero and heroine from my favourite Royalty Free site called They're sitting facing me as I write, just how I like it!
The WIP has around 45 thou at the moment-I reckon it's going to be a 90 thou work. The mystery deepens, and the big decision will come soon- is it TOO complicated for my readers to follow. Nonetheless, I'm very happy with how my plot plan is developing. How about the romance? -That's heating up nicely too.
Did I say I used to be a pantser?
This WIP needs a bit more of the carbon scribbles, so that I can keep track of the exciting things happening to my lovely characters called Teun and Keira. Whether that will always be their names has yet to be seen since I've changed names before-for different reasons. And it doesn't even have a title, yet, so can't divulge that!

Updates whenever!


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