Thursday, 21 May 2015

Oh, it's gone!

Wednesday - that is - and it's now Thursday.

I love making little lists of things to do but rarely manage all that's on them. On Wednesday I had planned to belatedly ask lovely author friends for help with promoting THE TAEXALI GAME. Well, I managed that but emailing a dozen folk, replying back and forth to make arrangements, takes me a wee whilie! (Please note not a spelling mistake)

I did load a few of TheTaexali Game images to my Pinterest board but not as many as I thought I might. 

Just when I thought I was making list headway around 5 pm on Wednesday, I was reminded that 2 days ago I said I'd rescue or take cuttings of any plants that I want to keep from my driveway side border which is going to vanish in a flash when the little digger attacks tomorrow morning. Please note this is nothing to do with chickenpox spots but another kind of 'out damned spots'.

As part of the new look/new house deal the access driveway is being spruced up- ie totally annhiliated of plantings and chuckies laid down. Attractive planters to each side will be the order of the day and a lot less labour intensive! Which right now I look forward to since I want more time for writing tasks...and my back might appreciate it too as both the new look driveway and I age to decrepitude. (Did I just make that word up? Mmmm) 

 My well overgrown acer was destined for a heavy prune sometime soon. Getting the complete chop is maybe drastic but it wll look much better in a smaller planter - that's if the cuttings 'take' and don't go all huffy on me.

The green 'dead stick' plant to the left in the picture above is at its best for the whole year right now. Mostly after the leaves die back, the stems and branches of this plant look like a stick insect. I've never managed to identify it in 27 years of being here but maybe someone can help. 

Here's the stem.

And with leaves...and 'buds'. It never really flowers, the buds remain a pale green.

If you can identify - that will be great!

Meanwhile, lots of my lovely author friends have been sharing my promotional post for the official launch of The Taexali Game and the Facebook launch event TOMORROW! Oh my goodness, it is happening tomorrow. My ducks are all wayward so I''ve got to do a bit of taming...

Possibly some more. Google Nancy Jardine and see if it tells you where!


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Get out damned spots and spots...!

Morning everyone!

It was bound to happen sometime and we're lucky that it wasn't just before our recent family wedding down at St. Andrews. No one likes an ugly rash of fiery red pustules marring the beauty of wedding photographs so the timing is good from that perspective.


Spots look great on Dalmations but noit so much oin little kids.

Chickenpox has been doing the rounds in the Playgroup but my granddaughter had escaped it till now. She's presently covered in lovely itchy spots and my childminding day might need a bit more patience than usual. 

So what might be on the cards for us to do today? Public places are to be avoided, so no playgroup session. I don't fancy a grizzly session at the supermarket so I think we'll let grandad do his usual and shop for the groceries.

The calomine cream is applied and Mr. Tumble has just finished on Ceebies so maybe a day of DVDs and a spot out in the garden will be a plan. That will be after I make some scones since I had to admit we can have toast with butter and jam ( a major treat) but no scones because we don't have any. Baking might be a great idea for Granddaughter (3 and a half) but not so much for Grandson at just over 1 year old.

Meanwhile the itching goes on. I'm itching to see her get better and for other reasons as well this week. 

And for my grandson? What can he do that won't get him into mischief? I'll need to have a think...


Monday, 18 May 2015

Post publishing preparation pays!

Hello. My Monday really has been manic!

Just another manic Monday and a bit like all the rest of the past week has been. I was elated last Tuesday when I was able to say I've DONE IT! I've self-published The Taexali Game. You might think I'd have had a bit of time to draw breath and do some blogging but that's not quite been the case.

I'm having one of those 'waiting for a bus' situations since there will have been three new releases/ relaunches of my books from the end of March to the beginning of June. You wait for a bus and it doesn't come and then you wait a bit longer and find that three arrive around the same time. Publishing can sometimes be a bit like that.

Crooked Cat Publishing have been great at giving me plenty of notice of the launch dates for Monogamy Twist (March 27th) and Take Me Now (5th June). As for my own self-published title - The Taexali Game - I'm glad I didn't publicise a particular date in March or April because it took me a long time to get all my ducks in a row. February came and went. March vanished in a fug of a virus. April slid past as I learned how to format for Createspace before I had properly blinked. So for the record,  May 7th was the day the print version of The Taexali Game was published and May 11th was the day the kindle version hit the shelves. The time lapse being due to a fun family wedding weekend in St. Andrews, Scotland.

Since the 11th May, I've arranged an official Facebook Launch Party on Friday the 22nd May and invited a lot of people on my friends list. I thought I had invited the whole cabooodle on my list but I haven't found a way to check exactly who HAS been invited. If you've been left out, my apologies, it's due to operator error and not on purpose. The Facebook launch event is a public one so you're very welcome to say hi and find out more about my Celtic Roman Time Travel Adventure where my trio of teens from Kintore - Aran, Brian and Fianna - zip back in time to AD 210 when the Roman Emperor Severus makes his presence felt in north-east Scotland. 
Here's the link!

As well as party/event organising I've been arranging for as much local publicity for the book launch as possible by sending out Press Releases to my local newspapers. I've yet to try the local radio stations- maybe tomorrow I'll aim for that if I get a spare moment. Will my grandkids have a daytime nap? Not on your life- that doesn't happen often and rarely lasts longer than 20 minutes for the 1 year old and the 3 and a half year old not at all.

BUT I'm delighted to be able to write that the Aberdeen Press and Journal have said they'll do a book feature on Saturday 23rd May. The Aberdeen Evening Express have said they'll try to do something with my Press Release information- though I don't know what or when. I've not realistically given the local Inverurie Advertiser and Inverurie Herald much time to put something out before this coming Friday but they've been very good at featuring me in some form in the past, so I live in hope for this time around.

The post publication preparation hasn't only been for newspaper publicity. Last Saturday, was a very exciting day. I was selling my books at a FOCUS Craft Fair in Banchory. I'd made a display to alert customers to the fact that The Taexali Game had just been published but the drawback was that although I've ordered a box of print copies, they haven't arrived yet. However, my lovely husband surprised me last Friday by showing me a print copy that he'd ordered from Amazon last Tuesday -  after our return from St. Andrews. Since I only had my proof copy, which isn't for sale, he let me take his brand new copy to Banchory in case someone might want to buy it.

Was I chuffed? Absolutely. Even more so when I did sell it to a very nice ten year old with whom I'd had a lovely conversation about the books she was currently reading. I was able to sign it with her mother's permission, stating she was my very first official 'over the counter' sale of The Taexali Game. I was delighted, she was even more delighted when I told her that with her (and her parent's) permission, I would name a character in Book 2 of the Rubidium Time Travel Series- No Mean Demo- after her. Isabella is a perfect name for a teenager from Victorian Glasgow. It was lovely meeting you, Isabella, and I hope you enjoy The Taexali Game. I'll be very pleased if you stay in touch via email or this blog or at my next FOCUS Fair in Banchory.

One set of blog interview questions done today but I've got another well overdue.

My Authorsden page was fully upgraded today - must check a few more of those places I 've registered with.

Is it time for bed yet?