Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why Bath?


Today, I have a visitor, a fellow Crooked Cat author, Sarah Louise Smith. Sarah's had a new release recently- Independent Jenny -another of her entertaining chic-lit novels. 

I haven't read this one, yet, but I've read her two previous ones published by Crooked Cat and thoroughly enjoyed them. Sarah's newest novel is set in the beautiful city of Bath, England. This is a place I've read a lot about - in Regency novels and during my endless quest for information on Roman Britain. I've never yet visited Bath but really want to go sometime soon. 

Sarah's post makes me want to go even sooner. So, over to Sarah...

Why I love Bath
Firstly, thank you to Nancy for letting me take over her blog today with my guest post.

Now, writing about why I love a particular city may seem a bit off topic for a writer, but my latest novel Independent Jenny is set there and a few people have wondered why I chose Bath as Jenny’s hometown.

The reason is: I love Bath.
Wikimedia Commons

I love the honey-coloured buildings and the iron railings. I love the independent shops and the cobbled streets. I love the fact that if you replaced the cars with horses and carriages, you could easily feel that you’d been taken back 200 years.

Wikimedia Commons "Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0"

Most of all, I love the history there – the Roman Baths is fascinating if you’ve never been – and to know my favourite author (and hero) Jane Austen walked those streets and used it as a setting for some of her own writing is a huge inspiration.

I never tire of visiting Bath and just walking around. I like to window-shop a little, walk by the river, gaze up at the Abbey and take in the Royal Crescent. It’s beautiful.

I suppose this is enhanced even more to me because the city I live in (Milton Keynes) is only a little older than I am; which means that while it has all the modern facilities, it lacks character.

If you’ve never been to Bath and it’s within your means to go, then I highly recommend it. Stay somewhere central and walk all over. Visit the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen centre. Eat at Martini’s Italian restaurant for dinner and take afternoon tea in the Pump Room.
Wikimedia Commons -The Circus, Bath

I’m not the only one who loves Bath; my heroine Jenny is also fan, and that’s why she went to university there and then bought a house there with her husband Ross. Her life in Bath was going along pretty well until Ross cheated on her, sending her emotions – and whole world – into freefall.

Find out more about Independent Jenny and my other books on my website:

Sarah lives in Milton Keynes, UK with her husband, lovely step-daughter, cute cat, and loopy golden retriever.
She has been working in marketing communications for several years and has a passion for reading, her favourite genre being “chick-lit”.
Sarah has been writing stories ever since she can remember. A few years ago her husband bought her a laptop out of the blue, telling her she could accept it only on the condition that she used it to write a novel, something she’d been saying she wanted to do since she left high school.

Thank you for visiting today, Sarah. Best wishes with sales of Independent Jenny and for your other novels as well!

It's no coincidence that I popped in to Sarah's blog, yesterday, so if you missed my 'butt cushion' post there all you need to do is click HERE and you can read it. 


Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday mutterings...

Happy Monday!

I thought I'd get loads of writing done today but fate intervened in the form of an offer I just couldn't pass up on. My email dings incoming mail but only when the programme is minimised. It was quite late morning when I checked my mailbox - my decision having been to write before I looked at any distracting mail or Facebook messages. 

One of the email messges gave me a 50% discount on ordering promotional materials. 

Whoopee! I had been intending to make me a vertical banner, so off I went to design a personalised one. A good while later... maybe three hours since lunch intervened...I had different designs. 

From the very simple... like the look that's on my business card.


To just showing the historical aspects of my writing. 

That didn't seem fair on my contemporary work so I had another go for that writing. 

Since the offer was a one-day event I settled for a slightly fussy design with both of my images added to the one that resembles my business cards and sent off my order. 

It's only now that I realise I really wanted some kind of endorsement on my banner- like someone's comment in a review! Too late. 

 I guess maybe I'll have to display that in some other way.

Mt background is pristine white...but I guess that Blogger needs some distinction so they've very kindly given it a bluish hue. Try to imagine a seriously white background. 

ps While I was at it I designed a wraparound design for some mugs. 

 Why this one has come out white, as it should be, baffles me but it's too late for me to fret about it. (insert *smiley face*)



Saturday, 18 October 2014

Signing, selling and sighing...


I hope you've had a nice Saturday wherever you are. At 9 o'clock this morning, I went off to the Craft Fair at a nearby town and set up my stall. It was a little different from the last time though, oh dear,  I forgot to take any photos of it.

I had made a few new posters for displaying, having decided to perk up my 'TOPAZ EYES ' area of the table and used the photos on the left. Read on to find out more...

The morning was a bit slow, not too many customers popping in to browse but by noon things were looking up. I had a few sales and talked to a number of potential customers but there's that thing about getting the sales pitch just right - I'm still very much the novice. A few I thought might buy, didn't, but a couple I didn't expect bought more than one title. Now that makes the day worthwhile. Sigh!!

Everyone who bought today either asked me to sign the novels or were happy for me to sign when I asked if they'd like me to. the jury is still out on whether the new posters made a difference but it was noticeable that I sold more of my mystery thriller TOPAZ EYES today, than I did of my historical novels.

Christmas approaches and looks to be a good time for me to package my books really effectively as gifts. I've a booking for a 2 day very large Christmas Craft Fair coming up soon so we'll see what happens there.

Think I'll get to work on that and see what I can do well in advance.

ps I maybe need to work harder at the sales pitch because I've yet to sell loads at one event. Hmmm...thinking....
sighing.... Not quite making those millions yet.

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