Historical Writers' Forum Blog Hop 2019

Don't miss out on meeting any of the spirited characters in this brilliant 2019  #BlogHop . Click the links below to catch up and enjoy the characters who will be interviewed by the above authors. 
Remember to check and see if there's a generous offer for you along with the posts. 
(p.s. I'll add the live links and the character's name when the post is published)

#1 - June 5th - courageous Byrhtnoth  (of Author Christine Hancock's Byrhtnoth Chronicles) interviewed on Jen Black's Blog

#2 - June 8th - wild and beautiful Lady Eleanor Elder (Author Derek Birks' Rebels and Brothers Series) interviewed on Sharon Bennett Connolly's Blog 

#3 - June 15th - handsome and wily Matho Spirston (Author Jen Black’s  The Scottish Queen trilogy) is interviewed on Lynn Bryant's Blog

#4 - June 19th - fiercely ambitious, Edward Seymour ( Author Janet Wertman's Seymour Saga series) is interviewed on Judith Arnopp's Blog

#5 - June 22nd -courageously defiant Nicholaa de Haye (Author Sharon Connolly’s Heroines of the Medieval World ) is interviewed on Derek Birks' Blog

#6 - June 24th - wily, intrepid Saxon in a Norman’s World, Wimer (Author Nicky Moxey's Sherrif and Priest) is interviewed on Vanessa Couchman's Blog

#7 - June 26th - gorgeous young officer from The Penisular War Saga, Paul van Daan (author Lynn Bryant's The Peninsular War Saga) is interviewed here on this blog (Nancy Jardine).

#8 - June 29th - talented singer Marie Therese (Author Vanessa Couchman's Overture) is interviewed on Stephanie Churchill's Blog

#9 - July 1st -flawed but heroic thegn of Horstede Wulfhere (Author Paula Lofting's Sons of the Wolf Series) is interviewed on Christine Hancock's Blog

#10 - July 3rd - conflicted, yet honourable, Prince of Agrius, Casmir (Author Stephanie Churchill’s Crowns of Destiny trilogy) is interviewed on Paula Lofting's Blog

#11 - July 6th - exceedingly determined soldier General Gnaeus Iulius Agricola (Author Nancy Jardine's Agricola's Bane, Book 4 Celtic Fervour Series Saga) is interviewed on Nicky Moxey's Blog

#12 - July 8th - resilient Margaret Pole (Author Samantha Wilcoxson's Faithful Traitor) is interviewed on Janet Wertman's Blog

#13 - July 10th - the long-haired, muscular Viking Warrior, Aldaith (Author Sarah Dahl’s Viking saga The Current, Bonds, and Battles) is interviewed on Cathie Dunn's Blog

#14 - July 13th - the rough, tough, but kind hearted street girl, Joanie Toogood (Author Judith Arnopp’s The Winchester Goose) is interviewed on Alex Marchant's Blog

#15 - July 15th - the tormented and conflicted Munro (Author Margaret Skea's Turn of the Tide, Book 1 of the Munro Scottish Saga ) is interviewed on Samantha Wilcoxson's Blog

#16 - July 17th - young, loyal page to Richard III, Matthew Wansford (Author Alex Marchant's  The Order of the White Boar Series) is interviewed on Margaret Skea's Blog

#17 - July 21st - a man torn between an oath and his duty, Geoffrey de Mortagne ( Author Cathie Dunn’s, Dark Deceit ) is interviewed on Sarah Dahl's Blog

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