Friday blog series 2018 "#Aye. Ken it wis like this..." links

From this page you can pop back and read all of the excellent contributions to my "Aye. Ken it wis like this..."  series. 

series image - Dunkeld Cathedral

Friday October 12th with Ethyl Smith 17th Century Scotland

Friday October 5th with Wendy Jones Junior Time Travel Scottish Brochs

Friday Sept 28th with Marie Macpherson 16th Century Scotland

Friday Sept 21st with Renee Dahlia- Victorian Horse Racing

Friday Sept 7th 2018 with Tim Walker - Dark Ages/ King Arthur/ Late Roman era

Friday Aug 31st 2018 with Mary Anne Yarde - Dark Ages /King Arthur

Friday Aug 17th 2018 with Margaret Skea  -  15th/16th century Scotland

Friday Aug 10th 2018 with Catherine Kullmann - Regency period

Friday Aug 3rd 2018 with William Sutton - Victorian London

Friday July 20th 2018 with Jefferey K Walker - post WWI/ 1920s

Friday July 13th 2018 with Eric Schumacher - 10th c Viking Age Norway/ England

Friday July 6th 2018 with Wendy Teller - 1950s/1960s US

Friday June 29th 2018 with Jerri Schlenker  - early 21st c US

Holidaybreak for me! 

Friday June 8th 2018 with Christy Nicholas - historical accuracy

Friday June 1st 2018 with Amy Hoff - alternative Robert Burns late 18th c/early 19th c Scotland

Friday May 25th 2018 with Dan Morales  - WW2 England

Friday May 18th 2018 with Tim Hodkinson - Belfast early 19th c

Friday May 11th 2018 with Jane Bwye - 1950s-1980s Kenya, Africa

Friday May 4th 2018 with Rosemary Gemmell  -late 18th c Scotland

Friday April 27th 2018 with Nancy Jardine - AD 50 - AD 93 Britannia

Friday April 20th 2018 with Louise Turner - late 15th c Scotland

Friday April 13th 2018 with Anna Chant  - Dark Ages 9c Pictland/ 'pre-Scotland'

Friday April 6th 2018 with Laura Vosika  - early 14th c Scotland

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